Muang Ngoi – A Hidden Paradise in Laos

Muang Ngoi is a very small village nestle beside beautiful Nam Ou River in Northern Laos. The only way to go is by boat (1 hour) from Nong Khiaw as there is no road access.


It is surrounded by forest, limestone mountains and rivers thus make a stunning landscape. The people in this village is having a very slow pace and relax life. If you are tired of everything in this hectic world, this will be a perfect place on earth for you to rest, “reboot your soul” or retired.



Before we arrive at this village we went for 2 days 1 nights trekking in Nong Khiaw. It is good to for us to rest a few days in Muang Ngoi then only heading back to Luang Prabang. We didn’t prebook any hotel or guesthouse. Upon arriving at the village we walk down the little street and we found the perfect place for us.

River View Bungalow
This affordable bungalows with balcony overlooking the river cost only 50,000 KIP (approx. USD6) per night.


Each balcony comes with 2 comfy hammocs, table and chair. Room with big bathroom.

Things we did
Rest and read book.


Our first dinner in Muang Ngoi, we pick this restaurant with superb view (actually all the restaurant beside the river has great view) and tasteful romantic setting.

I’m so glad that Danny and I both took a break from everything in life and done this big adventure together. We wouldn’t experience so many incredible moments together if we didn’t take a leap out of the comfort zone back home.


Laos massage at Phou Day Massage
Run by a small local family. This is the best thing you should do after a day of travel. 60,000 KIP oil massage (approx. USD 7) for one hour.

Laos breakfast
The food is prepared in a traditional way.

We didn’t go for caving nor kayak as we were too lazy. We simply walk around the village and see this…

and that…

Meen Indian Restaurant
It’s not hard to notice this special Indian Restaurant along the main street. We had lots of great Indian Food in Malaysia and is one of my favourite food back home. I’m glad that we give it a try. It taste good.


Happy Hour starts afternoon
One of the day it started to rain in the afternoon. Patrick aborted his plan to visit the cave. We end up drinking beer. The rain is beautiful and our happy mood got happier.

Dinner (again) – Laab Gai is a “must have” dish for me
If I continue to stay at this place, I probably just eat, sleep, drink and repeat until I get bored of it.

Buffet Breakfast
Coffee, Pancake, fresh fruits… That’s all I need

Time to move
After resting 2 days here it’s time to pack our bag and move on…



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