Boat noodle @ Kuchai Lama

Newly opened boat noodle in Kuchai Lama. Finally don’t have to go so far and wait so long just to try… This shop is run by Thai and Chinese family.

It’s so new and the signage is not even up yet. The name of the restaurant is Kuey Tiew Reua. Located at No. 40, Jalan Kuchai Maju 9.


For those who are familiar with Kuchai Lama, it’s the same row with Jojo Chili Pan Mee and Ah Soon Fish Head Noodle, next to Chong Qing spicy steam boat.


Simple menu.


Each little bowl at RM1.90
3 types of noodle for you to choose:
1. Thai noodle
2. Mee Hoon
3. Glass noodle

2 cooking style, dry or soup.

My personal preference would be Thai noodle in soup style.


We come with empty stomach and not sure how much to order. We ordered 2 bowl for each type of noodle and styles but it is not enough. After we finished the batch we reorder another 2 bowls of soup for each noodle. In total we had 18 bowls (6 each).


Finally we have tired boat noodle. The soup taste almost like Malay style soup tulang. The dry one has slight peanut taste. Both style has the fresh taste of bean sprout and green onion in every bite. It’s especially delicious when top with the green home made chillies and few drips of fish sauce.


End with my favourite Thai dessert. Make sure you order this. RM1.50 a bowl. Totally Thai, very delicious.


The queue started to built up the time when we leave… Luckily we come slightly early.

15 responses to “Boat noodle @ Kuchai Lama

  1. O_o … Wow! that looks exactly same here in Thailand we have Kuay Tiew Ruea <– thats how we called it in Thailand Ruea is "Boat" but here they usually make the soup with a bit of pig's blood and then the soup become dark it cooked but someone dont like it but I think the taste is good like that.

      • 😉 Are you guys still in Nepal? I went there once was amazing! Still want to visit again sometimes even there’s some bad memory about one man I loved who worked in Kathmandu did some thing with some women there before which hurt my feeling a lot but now he is gone. Im afraid of visiting there and recognize about things again but Nepal is charming place so i must see the himalayas again!!!!

      • I see, apparently just to let you know there is a new boat noodle restaurant across the street in Kuchai Lama @ 43G, Jalan Kuchai Maju 7, off jalan Kuchai Lama called ZAB ZAB boatnoodle where 2 types of soup is being sold…, would wonder perhaps you could give it a try? And is it alright for the owner to invite you? 🙂

  2. Hello there! Very nice to see your post! Was wondering is the shop pork free? My malay friend just came back from oversea and she find this boat noodle very interesting when everybody post it in Facebook, so am I, both of us never try this before!

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