Backpacking South East Asia Route

Here’s the places we went and the route we took.

1) Kuala Lumpur by flight to
2) Langkawi by boat to
3) Koh Lipe by boat to
4) Koh Lanta by boat to
5) Koh Phi Phi by boat to
6) Phuket by flight to
7) Bangkok by flight to
8) Yangon by bus to
9) Inle Lake by bus to
10) Bagan by boat to
11) Mandalay by flight to
12) Bangkok cross border to
13) Siem Reap by speedboat to
14) Phnom Penh by bus to
15) Sihanoukville by boat to
16) Koh Rong back to Sihanoukville and by bus to
17) Phnom Penh cross border to
18) Don Det, Si Phan Don (4000 islands) by bus to
19) Pakse by bus
20) Vientianne by van
21) Vang Vieng by bus
22) Luang Prabang by flight
23) Hanoi
24) Halong Bay back to
25) Hanoi by train to
26) Hoi An by bus
27) Nha Trang by bus
28) Ho Chi Minh

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