01. How to pack your backpack?

The backpack
For a first time backpacker, packing was a challenge. We were worried that we left out anything & wasn’t sure if we can survive 3 months only with this backpack…
Well, worry not! I can assure you there are plenty of places out there where you can buy them.

Always have this thought in mind “Take what is necessary & pack light”

We have walked countless miles with our bags, and the last thing we want is to carry a truck behind

The bag
We’ve been looking at many variety of brands. As we are asian size, we wouldn’t want a back pack that is too big for our size. We opted for Deuter Air Contact as it’s slim line and said to be more durable. We bought both 40 litre & 50 litre bags.

I would strongly recommend to get a bag which has a side loader as well. Most back pack are top loaders, which means it can only be loaded only from the top. If can be quite a pain if you want to take stuff out from the middle of the bag.
Also, we would recommend to get a rain cover as well. Not only it can protect you bags from rain, but also from sea or river water. Trust me, your bags don’t exactly get first class seats on cheap boats

Deuter 40+10 & 50+10 litters

Deuter 40+10 & 50+10 litters

Day Bag
Other than our backpacks, we also had a smaller bag that we used for excursions like cycling, biking & trekking. It has been really useful!

Our day bag

Our day bag

What Do I Pack? Well, here’s our list when we backpack South East Asia.

Docs / Passes / Cash
Passports (with minimum 6 mts validity)
Driving license
Diving license
ATM/debit cards
Credit cards
Cash (Good to have some spare USD’s)
Insurance card

Toothbrush & toothpaste
Nail clipper
Soap & Shampoo
Earplugs (good investment!)
Scissors (small pair)
Mosquito repellant (good investment!)
Insect bite gel (good investment!)
Plenty of ziplock plastic bag
Plenty of rubber band

First aid kit & medicine:
Iodine & bandage for cuts
Panadol (Paracetamol / Ibuprofen)
Allergy medicines (Zyrtec) (good investment!)
Medication for upset stomach (good investment!)
Sleeping pills (good for long journeys)
Actal (for gassy or indigestion stomach)

1 pairs of jeans
2 pair of shorts
5 Underwear
1 long sleeve t-shirt
5-6 t-shirts
1 bathing suit
1 jacket
3 Socks
1 towel
1 Polo T / Shirt (for a classy night out)
Cap / Bandana
Rain coat / wind breaker

Extra Battery for camera
Phone charger
Power bank / Re-charger
international Plug converter
Plug extension (Most hotels only has 1 or 2 sockets, we have 5 things to charge. Good investment!)
Travel combination lock (can be used from locking luggage to locking rooms. Up to your creativity!)
A travel guidebook for reference (we have Lonely Planet)
Torch (We have a small diving torch)
Laptop / Tablet (We have a tablet Samsung 10.1)
Portable speaker
SD card reader
USB memory storage
Mini Hair dryer
Money belt
Sleeping bag (Not recommended. We only used it a few times & it is very bulky)

Feel free to leave your questions at the reply column below.


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