10 Things you Need to Know to make your Italy Visit Special


One of the amazing places you can’t avoid in world tour plan map would be Rome, Italy.


Rome isn’t the only the only place worth seeing in Italy, a county which has two of the beautiful and ancient cities in the world -Venice and Pompeii. Leaning tower of Pisa stands tall in the Italian glorified city of Pisa.


Here are a few travel tips you should know to make your Italy visit special.

  1. Gear up for speedy driving
    • Italians seem to be in a hurry when they are on wheels.
    • Two wheelers and four wheelers share the same lane which could get messy.
    • Be prepared to drive at high speeds and accept the fact bigger the size of your vehicle, bigger gets your authority on road.
  2. Ferries are expensive
    • Boat rides at Venice runs deep down the pocket.
    • One hour of traveling on boat would charge up to six and half euros per head
  3. Understanding hotel terminologies
    • It’s pretty common in hotels to combine two single beds to call that a double bed.
    • You are charged per head rather than using room rates.
    • When you check in with your hotel you would be asked to submit your passport to reception for them to hold it till you stay, which is just the mandatory legal procedure in Italy.
  4. Being thrifty at restaurants
      • Check for inclusion of service tax, so you don’t have to over-tip.
      • Locals mostly tip to round off the bill and doesn’t offer a very generous tip.
      • Your service charge could go up to 15% in some restaurants.
  5. Avoid Italian wine bar
    • Italy being an oldest wine producing nation, uses wine as food compliment and it’s never considered a standalone beverage.
    • The taste of Italian wine isn’t great without being consumed with Italian food.
  6. Amusing Italian bathrooms
    • Every city, even every hotel in Italy has its own prototype for bathrooms.
    • Bathroom sizes ranges from tiny to large.
    • Every time you use a bathroom in different parts of the city, you would need some time to find where the knob is
  7. Dress like celebrity
    • Clothes you wear set your social image and personality in Italy.
    • There are con artists and pickpockets who see tourists as prey.
    • Thus try to blend with locals in clothing and try removing the tourist tag as much as possible.
  8. Be less of a tourist
    • Tourists have their long checklist of historical monuments to see and always seem to be in a rush to the point , they don’t enjoy the complete Italian scene.
    • Be more of a traveler and take some share of your time to see the countryside and try blending with locals and their culture.
  9. Avoid touching the produce
    • Do not touch fruits or vegetables without seeking permission from the vendor.
    • Even in supermarkets you are given a plastic glove to pick fruits you want.
    • At all times, don’t touch the produce of local vendors unless you don’t mind a granny yelling at
  10. Chek your Visa
    • To find out your visa requirements to visit Italy, check with their embassy website by entering you nationality, duration of stay and purpose of visit.

Author Bio:
Betty Elizebeth lives in London, UK and is an avid reader and blogger. Her areas of interest are Health, Fashion, Travel and Lifestyle. She works as a guest blogger on her chosen areas of interest and currently writes on behalf of Turkish visas.


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