In and Out Boracay – 10 initial tips you need to know.

Going to Boracay? Or planning a vocation to Boracay? Here’s some initial tips from us to help plan your holiday.

1. Basic language
Learn to say “kamusta ka” (How are you?) and “salamat” (Thank you) in Tagalog. You make people smile πŸ™‚

2. How Many Days Do I need?
Minimum 4 nights 5 days. Trust me. You will spend the 1st and 5th day travelling. The longer the better lah!

3. What currency to bring?
Pesos. We brought P24,050 (approx. RM2,000) for two of us. We still have P3000 unused. I’m not a shopcoholics by the way.

Just in case if you want to do some charity or spend like crazy you can bring some USD as backup as sometime the money changer in Philippine don’t accept MYR! Oh yeah they have ATMs. Make sure you call your banks and inform them you will be in Philipine before you leave. Credit cards accepted in most restaurants. Cash is better and convenient here.


4. When planning your flight.
We fly directly from KL to Kalibo.


Flight we took – AirAsia. Promo tickets (to and fro with meals on board and 1 check in luggage approx. RM550 per pax) 4 hours flight.

It is recommended to book the meal if you are taking AirAsia as it is a long flight and it will be lunch time when you are on the plane… For me, eating is part of entertaining on board. After lunch take a siesta you will be in Philippine!

If you are visiting Manila or Cebu before Boracay you can take their local flight like Cebu Pacific and fly to Caticlan, nearer to jetty.

5. The airport transfer to Boracay from Kalibo.
The airport is very small. You can see everything happening at the same place. Everybody from around the world arrived, checking in, going through immigration the same time! Too many people and I feel kinda lost. However you won’t get lost as it is too small, you can see the exit once you have entered the airport before going through the immigration.


This is a short holiday and we do not wish to waste time wondering around getting tickets and waiting for bus… so we book the transfer service via My Boracay Guide. It cost P1500 approx. RM110 per pax for two ways (airport to jetty with aircon bus, across to Boracay island with Bangka Boat, from jetty to hotel with shuttle)


The service guide takes you straight from airport to Hotel, no delay. You will feel like VIP.


The bus took 2 hours, stop 10 mins for toilet break.

Beautiful scenery along the way to keep you entertained.

6. From jetty to Boracay

When we arrived at the jetty it was about sunset time. What a long day.


It’s all worth it. Finally on the boat, smelling the sea and greeted by beautiful sunset.

Options for people who are having long budget holidays
Once you have walked out from Kalibo Airport, you will be greeted by lots of travel company offering to take you to jetty for P150. Then, at jetty take the Bangka Ferries shuttle to Boracay Cagban pier (P150 including terminal and environmental fee) 15 – 30 mins times.

Then, from pier P150 per tricycle or P25 per person to the central White Beach.

7. Accommodation
There are tons of hotels from Station 1, 2, to 3… but we went during the Labour Day Weekend! The whole Boracay is almost fully booked and the price is super high. There are a lots of young people from Manila fly here for parties.

We stayed at Beach Chalet Resort, Station 2 (10 mins walk to D Mall) and right in front of the beach along the happening restaurants and bars. 5 mins walk to D’Talipapa Wet Market at the middle. RM400 per night (ouch expensive)!

If we were still on budget backpacking trip we would have stay at station 3. But for lavish short holiday, we would prefer station 1 as the beach and environment is nicer and cleaner too.

8. Coming back, just relax it’s another long journey

Thanks for My Boracay Guide, we were pick up on time straight to jetty. The guide, Mr Julius carried our 13kg backpack all the way! Feel so thankful for him…

Lots of people at the jetty. We were guided through straight to the waiting area and then to the boat.

The bus is already waiting for use at the other side of the Jetty.


On the way to Kalibo airport. Same but different view.

9. Print out the boarding pass and no check in luggage.
Crazy queues to check in! Whether you have boarding pass or not, if you have a luggage to drop or check in you are in the same queues. My advise is to print out the boarding pass and try to have no check in luggage.


10. Make sure you set aside P500 for International Passenger Terminal Fee
Here you queue again.


10 initial tips πŸ™‚ Happy planning. Stay tune for the fun activities

14 responses to “In and Out Boracay – 10 initial tips you need to know.

  1. Good article. Bookmarked and I will read it again before I am going to Boracay. It is in my travel list actually. A must go before I die. πŸ™‚

      • Palawan is not as “commercial” as Boracay, but if youre into awesome beaches and diving then You should visit this too!
        Have gone to both Puerto Princesa (underground river) and Coron (renowned cleanest lake in the world! It’s true!) and i have enjoyed both trips!

      • Hi Lee! Yes Palawan is one of my dream destination… it’s definitely on the travel list πŸ˜€ gonna dive there if we have the chance to go ^^V thank you for the info πŸ˜€

  2. Great tips! Chanced upon it as I am planning to go Boracay.
    Any accommodation to recommend if I am on backpacking budget?

  3. If budget is not very constrained i suggest you do Ariel’s Point cliff diving ( for thrill) and Pub Crawler if you’re traveling with friends and bar hopping is your deal.
    Interesting way to meet new “friend” strangers! πŸ˜„

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