Hoi An, Vietnam – Accommodation And Food

Hoi An is so beautiful and fun that we end up extended our stay here. I have to make my long stories as simple as possible. In this post I will only talk about accommodation and food…

An Hoi Hotel

We booked the hotel through Hostelworld.com iPhone app. It is very convenient (the app) and there are reviews guiding us through.

The reason why we choose this hotel because of its perfect location. It is very near to the town and the signature bridge. Most importantly affordable price. The bonus is that the hotel has a pool 😀

We rent a bicycle from the hotel and ride around the little town.

First Dinner in Hoi An
Definitely have to go for authentic Vietnamese Food. We pick the restaurant recommended by Lonely Guide – Morning Glory Restaurant.

The restaurant is very popular! It is always full during dinner time. We are lucky enough to have a place when we walk in the restaurant. When come to the menu we have no idea what to order but the waitress recommended some dishes for us. The food is really good and not too expensive.

Breakfast at An Hoi Hotel
I ordered my favourite pancake. Well it was not what I expected. It was ok. If you let me choose again I will not bother to try it.

Vivian’s water
Look what I found! The hotel is serving mineral water branded with my name 😛


Eating durian in Vietnam
Nicolas from Germany, a friend we met back at Laos. He has never eat durian before. For people who has not try the King of Fruits, it is a must do thing in Hoi An. Although this is not the Musang King or Kunyit (the best durian species ever) that we have in Malaysia, but still good enough for beginner to try. You will either love it or hate it. Nicolas love it.

Simple Local food that every Vietnamese will eat.
Bánh xèo & Cao lầu. As recommended by the hotel receptionist, we cycle our way to the food court near the market and have a feast. The food here is very cheap and authentic.

For the first time when Bánh xèo was served, we have no idea what that is and don’t know how to eat it. The lady boss showing us how to wrap it and boom! It is really good! Bánh xèo is almost like the Poh Piah in Malaysia. The rice skin wrap around a mix of vegetable and dip with secret sauce. Sometime simple food combo make the best flavour.

Cao lầu reminds me of our wan ton noodle in Malaysia, may be because of the Char Siew alike piece of meat. The noodle texture is total different and new to me. This is a dish you must try when you are in Hoi An as it is Hoi An specialty. Don’t forget to add a little bit of Chilies.

Lunch by the beach
With the bicycle, it is only about 30 mins away. One of the best way to spend time in Hoi An is chilling by the beach and have some food. I ordered boiled rice soup, Danny ordered Fried Poh Piah, Sautéed Chicken with pepper and onion.

Dinner at Manggo Rooms Restaurant
The food is fantastic but it is the most expensive dinner we ever had in Hoi An. The portion is small but just nice for Asian size eater like us. They serve fusion Vietnamese food at a very nice dining environment. The duck is impressive! No regret paying for this incredible meal. It is the best dinner we had in Hoi An.

Travel is really fun as we meet people from around the world. This time we learn that German has this thing called Underberg. It is a digestif made of herbs in high alcohol level, a product from Germany. This is what happen after a great dinner and top with Underberg.

Mid night supper!
After all the parties and drinks. This is the best place for a mid night supper. And they serve burger and fries! Sophie & Ash found this place and brought us all here.

That’s about it this time.. will share more stories about Beautiful Hoi An next…


2 responses to “Hoi An, Vietnam – Accommodation And Food

  1. When I was in college (way back in the early 1980’s!) in San Jose, California (USA), a number of Vietnamese families had immegrated (war refugees, mostly) and opened restaurants. I enjoyed having dinner at these establishments. I did not speak Vietnamese, and they spoke only a bit of English. I pointed at the menu & smiled at whatever they brought me. I never knew if what I ordered was what they prepared, but I was never disappointed.

    • haha I like your style! That is a very kind action and attitude 😀 so true.. sometime we don’t know what we order.. just pointed.. and eat whatever is served on the table lol… and loving it…

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