Sleeper Train Experience – The Journey From Hanoi to Danang (Hoi An)

The reason we want to take the train simply because we want to experience sleeping in the train.

The Train Tickets
We got our train tickets from the hotel front desk. From the hotel, we take a cab to the station.


Not much of waiting and we are on board. It was our first time sleeping in the train.


The train
We were assigned on the upper deck. The bed is very small but not a problem for petite me. The pillow provided is very small too.. and there is a hair on it… I guess that sheets has not been changed since… That’s not a problem for me. The only thing I would worry is bed bug. Carefully we check the bed and no sign of it. No sign of cockroach too 😛

The passenger
The lower deck was occupied by a young German couple who are deeply in love. We have a few words with each other. Apparently they met each other when travelling since 3 month back and now they are travelling together and that explain the non stop kissing and smooching..

There is no entertainment on the train. Luckily we have a pre-downloaded movie series in the tablet. Together Danny and I watch a few episodes and we call it a night.


The train keep moving and stopping along the way. For me I didn’t find it difficult to sleep.

Coffee and breakfast
Food and drinks are sold on the train. We had Vietnam coffee and some light food.


Scenery along the way.


Train stopping again… not sure what station it was…


This is our “box”. I’m charging my tablet.


The train goes on.


Breath taking view.


The train stop again.


Finally we have arrived after 16 hours! It was not too bad…


Coming up next, stories from Hoi An.


5 responses to “Sleeper Train Experience – The Journey From Hanoi to Danang (Hoi An)

  1. Love to ride trains. Unfortunately, unless you have a lot of time, the USA is too large for train travel to be practical. Also, our politics that focuses on individual mobility has emphasized building highways for personal cars rather than shared transportation, or airports for faster travel across long expanses of countryside.
    P.S. I’d bring me own sheets and pillow case!

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