Special feature (1) The best outdoor activities to experience in Sicily

The best outdoor activities to experience in Sicily

Sicily is famous from its geographical variety which allows several sports and outdoor activities for those who love outdoor life. You can find lush spots of vegetation, beaches and mountain slopes and interesting wildlife on land and underwater. If you are looking for a dash of adventure, a good mix of outdoor activities mixed with leisure, Sicily is the place.

As an example, if you choose to travel to the Egadi Islands, you can switch to mountain climbing in authentic natural reserves and caribbean beaches with crystal clear water, therefore having the opportunity to either relax on a sandy beach or go for a trekking tour.

Live a trekking tour


Natural excursions in Sicily

Besides walks around towns and villages there are the fantastic parks such as the Nebrodi mountains, the Park of Madonie and the Natural Reserve “dello Zingaro”. If you want to have a day in a park II recommended to hike in spring when the breeze awakens the fragrances and the flowers are in blossom. Autumn is also another great option with a marvellous atmosphere, quite different with a rusty colour palette. It is also the grape harvest season in which you can participate.

Hike a volcano

There are 2 main volcanoes in Sicily, the Etna and Stromboli, that are still active. This factor can make your adrenaline pump in your veins, but I suggest to choose expert guides to climb the volcano Etna. However, these volcanoes offer amazing tours in the nature, among a broad variety of flora and fauna. If you decide to travel to Sicily during winter time, you will discover that the mountain Etna is a fabulous place where to ski as well.

On bike

Sicily is not so easy to get about on bike because of its mountains peaks and windy narrow roads. However, you can organize small rounds by bike in Sicily, of one day or two days.

The west area is less mountainous. Favignana, Trapani and Syracuse are the best places to bike in Sicily. Many corners of Mount Etna have fantastic vantage points to view the scenery. One of my favourite tour is to get around Catania and Taormina, biking along the sea, up on small hills down again; you can admire fantastic natural landscapes, that’s definitely an experience not to miss if you love biking.


Noto Valley by bike

Water sports

If you are looking for a diving course or you want to become a professional diver, Sicily is the place. The sea in Sicily is offering a broad variety of sea life unfolds, multicoloured shoals of fish and exotic sea landscape. You can enjoy as well archaeological trips underwater, or you can try to fish while enjoying relaxing on a boat.


Water sports in Sicily at Riserva dello Zingaro, Trapani, West Coast

By Marica Caposaldo


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