Hello Halong Bay

Our trip to Halong Bay was booked through the hotel we stayed (Little Hanoi). There are many packages available to choose from 1 day, 2 days to 3 days or any customisation… at different prices. The one we option for was 2 days 1 night cruise at USD79 per pax.


A mini bus came pick us up from our hotel and heading straight to the pier. After 2 hours we finally arrived at the pier. After a short briefing we were lead to our ship and ready to cruise…

Our boat is a medium size boat, there are only 8 rooms and 16 guests (not including boat crew). There is toilet attached to each room.

Fantastic view from the room.


The middle deck has common / dining area, a bar with karaoke system. The tables are nicely set up.


First meal on the boat – Lunch
After settle down, we have lunch together with all the guests, getting to know each other. The Vietnamese lunch is simply delicious. It is almost similar to Chinese style cooking.

While we were eating the boat begin to cruise to Halong Bay.


We spend time hanging out on the upper deck after lunch.

The wind is cooling and the weather is lovely. It is good that we came in March as it is the beginning of spring. Other than hanging out on the boat, the cruise take us to a few tourist spots…

Hang Sung Sot Cave
A nicely “renovated” cave for tourist. There are proper walking path, colourful lighting and safety measure. Tourists don’t have to climb up and down or walk on the slippery path in dark… Those natural formation of stalactites and stalagmites are always weird in a beautiful way to me. We follow the tour guide and walk a round following the path and stairs.

Here’s the view from the cave. There’s a beach on the right.


There are people who live around the fisherman village selling things on the boat here.


After the cave we move to Ti Top Island
It is one of the most popular location for tourist to Halong Bay, located right in the middle of Halong Bay. There’s a top we can climb to on this island. Without thinking much we walk straight to the stairs and go all the way up. It is a 30 mins climb and the fantastic view is a guarantee.

A photo of us together on top of Ti Top Island. It is such a blessing that we can travel to such amazing place together. Another moment to be remembered.


It is very relaxing hanging around at the beach under the pleasant weather.


We have a romantic sunset walk around the beach… These moment is captured thanks to a new friend we met on the boat, Bjorn who help take these romantic moment of ours.

Leaving Ti Top Island


Cruising into sunset in the middle of Halong Bay.

Dinner time
I only manage to take a few pictures from the dishes served as I was busy enjoying the food and forget about taking pictures.

Drinking Vietnamese rice wine with the boat crew.

This is what happen to us after a few small glass.


Other night activities including fishing.


I will never catch any fish with that little bamboo and gigantic bait. I gave up after 15 mins. Danny doing some weird titanic alike pose.


Although the speaker and mic are terrible but we had lots of fun shouting our heart out.

Call it a night and the next day we woke up with these mysterious morning view. It makes me think of captain Jack Sparrow.

Simple breakfast


Our groupie photo


Bye for now…


Coming up next… Hoi An.


5 responses to “Hello Halong Bay

    • Thank you Angie 😀 It is good that we put our memory into writing right? In years ahead we might forget how it was like and when we look back at the written note and happy photos we recall our memory and we got nothing to regret 😀

  1. Your trip looks amazing, I just did a post about my time in Halong bay! I have finished my 3 months through South east Asia and now going back and writing about it! will add photos right now. – goodluck and if you need any tips, comment to me and I can help you out! 🙂

  2. Aww when I went to Vietnam I didn’t make it to Hanoi, but I will go back one day for sure. I really want to visit Halong Bay, your trip looked really good fun, & such a beautiful place, thanks for sharing all your picture and your great write up, really helpful. Enjoy the rest of Vietnam 😉 I look forward to reading lots more posts!!!!

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