Wandering in Hanoi

Laos was amazing. After Luang Prabang, we took a flight to Hanoi via Lao Airlines and continue our journey in Vietnam.


Arriving in Hanoi Airport.


Stay at Little Hanoi Hotel located at 46 Hang Ga Street. When we arrived at the hotel, the hotel owner actually come out to welcome us personally and help carry our luggage! The staff at the reception was very helpful and she recommended the best Pho we ever had in Vientnam! The hotel is affordable, located at a convenient location where you can walk around to the place of interest nearby.

Our basic room, clean and tidy.

Free Breakfast at the hotel, Free-flow tea and coffee all time. The food is great and the coffee is amazing!

My first impression about Vietnam
Super busy street, millions of motorbike, confusing road & junctions. We were told that there are about 7 million people living in Hanoi! Imagine the amount of motorbike on the street!

Our first dinner
Recommended by the receptionist, cheap and delicious!

Wandering in Hanoi

Hoan Kiem Lake

Woman at work, passing by St Joseph Cathedral


Hair Cut on the street

Afternoon coffee break

People, park and flowers

Tran Quoc pagoda
A 1,400 years temple located on a small island near the southeastern shore of Hanoi’s West Lake. A lot of local people come here to pray and burn incense. There’s a big Bodhi Tree plant by Dr. Rajendra Prasad, former president of India and President Ho Chi Minh on 24 March 1959. It’s interesting to see a historical event in a life form.

We found a nice place for drink on the rooftop overlooking the lake

Rest our feet and take a seat by the lake.

This cute little baby carried by her grandma was taking a walk by the lake.


Hardworking ladies of Vietnam


Banh Cuon (steam rice crepes)

Quan An Ngon
The one stop place for all the nice Vietnamese street food! It’s so awesome!

Please stay tune for next story – Halong Bay!


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