A Day Trip To SeKinChan From Kuala Lumpur 適耕莊:鱼米之乡一日游

The journey takes 1 and half hour from KL by private car. With GPS and highway it is very convenient to go. You can read more about the place (click here).


Here are Top 3 places we visited in Sekinchan

1. Pantai Redang TVB《单恋双城》取景的热浪沙滩
The beach is not bad but some rubbish here and there. I wish someone would open a nice bar here in near future, put some white umbrella and arm chairs so we can have mojito / happy hour in the hot afternoon till late evening… There are only a few stalls for you to have fresh coconut and rojak…





There are a few swing made from recycle plastic chairs under the big tree. Pretty cool!

Old tree hangs with thousands of wishes…

2. Fisherman Village





3. Paddy Field








The first thing we did when arrived at Sekinchan was breakfast. We had Lala (shell) fried beehun and I love it. The food + drinks for 4 adults cost RM20 only.

After all the sites visit we went for lunch at Jiann Chyi Restaurant. We didn’t purposely go there for lunch but we saw a lot of people having lunch there so we thought it might be good. Too bad their specially was shark meat but we don’t eat shark (as we learn that they are high in mercury). We end up with vegetable, fried eggs, sea weed soup and Kam Heong Lala. Not bad at all, it was a satisfying meal.


2 responses to “A Day Trip To SeKinChan From Kuala Lumpur 適耕莊:鱼米之乡一日游

    • Hi Gee, it’s a very small fisherman town to visit and with a little beach.. it you are thinking about 1 day trip with family and kids then I think it’s nice. If you are staying over then u need to check the hotel price. if not it will be ur transportation + food price.

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