NEPAL(5): Angie’s Eyes On Nepal – 3 things you might not know about Kathmandu

Do you know?

1) In Kathmandu,  there are several big shopping malls : KL Tower, Time Square Mall, Civil Mall, Kathmandu Mall, City Centre, People Plaza. You can find some exclusive brands like: Converse, Adidas, Victoria Secret, Puma, Zara, MNG, Levis, Polo and etc. The Big Supermarket is a good place to shop for groceries located in City Centre Mall.

I felt happy as I start to live my life as a local, doing shopping in the shopping mall instead of the tourist hot spot – Thamel.

2) There are many cinemas in Kathmandu, on Wednesday, the ticket priced at only USD1.6. Normal day, price range from USD2. The cinemas are huge and comfortable. I know where to go to get some entertainment when I am bored.

3) There is 2 theatres in Kathmandu, the quality of the plays are international standard. I went to watch a play yesterday, COMA: A political sex.  I did not understand, but I was trilled because all the actors and actress, are professional, and enthusing, and humorous. I respect them a lot.

Sharing some photos here…..

Below: Max & Siddartha & me, we went to watch a play yesterday in Gothale Theatre – COMA – A political sex.


Below: Siddartha posing at the entrance of the theatre.


Below: One of the scene during the play.


Below: This small note was given to me by the actor. It touches my heart. 🙂 A happy day ends with this small note.


Below: The 8D cinema in City Centre Mall


Below: Exterior of the City Centre Mall – my favourite shopping mall now.



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