Nepal(3): Angie’s Eyes On Nepal – Walking on the rooftop of the world for 6 days – The Himalayas

“Travel is the discovery of truth; an affirmation of the promise that human kind is far more beautiful than it is flawed. With each trip comes a new optimism that where there is despair and hardship, there are ideas and people just waiting to be energized, to be empowered, to make a difference for good.” 
― Dan Thompson, Following Whispers: Walking on the Rooftop of the World in Nepal’s Himalayas


I am now in Hotel Trekkers Inn, Pokhara, this is the best hotel in Pokhara by the Phewa Lake side according to Siddartha -my business partner.He said I deserved the best as I have done my best. I don’t pay for the room, he booked and paid for 3 days. I am now in the bed, looking at all the photos in the SD card, and trying to put feelings and thoughts into words.

My Trekking Itineraries: 

Initially, I am planning to trek to Mt Everest Base Camp. My partner said Lukla airport is the world’s most dangerous airport, then we gave up going to Mt Everest Base Camp.

Then, we are planning on Annapurna Base Camp Trek. Due to snow storm, body ache, menstruations, fewer, cold, we gave up the trek on day 6 and now I am in Pokhara, Nepal.

See below my routes:

Day 1: Pokhara – Nayapol(1070m) – Berethanti(1025m) – Ramghai – Sudame(1340m) – Tikhedhunga(1540m) – Ulleri(2020m) –  Banthanti(2210m). Overnight in Banthani.

Day 2: Banthani – Nangethani(2430m) – Ghorepani(2860m) – Poon Hill (3193m). Overnight in Ghrorepani.

Day 3: Ghrorepani (2860m) – Poon Hill (3193m) – Deurali(3090m) – Tadapani (2630m). Overnight in Tadapani.

Day 4:  Tadapani(2630m) – Chhomrong(2170m). Overnight in Chhromrong.

Day 5:  Chhomrong(2170m) – Ghinu Hot Spring. Overnight in Ghinu.

Day 6: Ghinu – Landruk – Kilyu – Nayapul – Pokhara. Overnight in Pokhara.

Photos tell some stories.

Photo 1: The checkpoint for TIMS and Permit in Berethanti. You need to apply TIMS and permit before the trek. USD40 and two passport size photos are needed in Nepal Tourism Centre in Kathmandu. They won’t let you go if you do not get the permit and TIMS ready.


Photo 2: Lunch in Ramghai en route to  Banthanti. We are still handsome and beautiful on day 1. 
Photo 3: View from the restaurant where we are having our lunch. NOTE: A coke cost USD 2. A Da Bhat (mixed rice) cost USD 5.

ImagePhoto 4: Donkeys are everywhere, and blocking the paths and trails most of the time. I hate donkeys. I am scared.

ImagePhoto 5: Finally, arrive in Ghrorepani (2860m) in the snow.

ImagePhoto 6: View from Poonhill. Can’t see anything, due to bad weather.


Photo 7: Posting in Poonhill. It is freaking cold. It is freezing.


Photo 8: We passed by many villages, Deurali is one of them. Basically, most of the time we were walking in the snow.


Photo 9: Siddartha acting naughty. He regretted after 5 seconds as he got sick the next day.


Photo 10: Snow storm started to attack the mountains on day 3. We survived it. fuck it. I hate snow.


Photo 11: Snow storm en route.


Photo 12: Snow storm en route.


Photo 12: Snow storm en route.

ImagePhoto 13: Beutiful and sexy village – Chhomrong.


Photo 14: Posting in front of sexy Himchuli Peak.

ImagePhoto 15: Fishtail Peak.



There are so many photos, I dont know which to share and which are not….

So sorry as too many thoughts in mind. I sprained my knee, I slipped and sprained my ankle too, I almost lost my fingers in the cold. I did not take a shower for 3 days, on the fourth day I took a shower in temperature of – 10 Celsius and ended up gotten a high fewer in bed. Blisters on feet and toes almost kill me. Most of the time, temperate at 0 Celsius and maximum at 6 Celsius in the mountains of Himalayas.

Yes. The views are stunning and breathtaking. This is a very precious experience which I will never forget. People who live in mountains surviving well, why can’t I? I felt ashamed. I felt weak, I felt small. This experience made me think, and think, and the only thought is to become a better person. Next year, I will be there again. I want to take a picture of myself in front of the beutiful Annapurna Base Camp.

It is not easy, I need more stamina and a stronger body for it. Next year… wait for me..

More photos to share….


Above: Panorama view of Annapurna mountains in Tadapani, Nepal.


Above: That is Fishtail Peak.


Above: View of the Annapurna range of mountains from my room in Chhomrong Village, Nepal. Original non- edited photo.

A lot more photos to share… to be continue…

I love Nepal. I think I am in love with Nepal. I am sorry if I do not express well in words. I need more times in digesting what I had gone through in the past 6 days. My mind is all about the beautiful mountains, and I hate myself can’t remember the name at all. I will edit this post soon.


Love from Nepal…


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