Trekking in Nong Khiaw, Northern Laos (Part 3 – Jungle Escape)

As we walk into the jungle in the morning (after a great Day 1 experience with the jungle and hill tribe village), I have no expectation other than endless walking and climbing for Day 2… I was told there will be no waterfall to climb this time. Thank god (I was afraid we might encounter another snake).


I don’t remember how long we have walked but not too long we arrived at a rocky path. We were surrounded by big tall lime stone, tall old trees and bamboo.


When I stop to take pictures and was left behind alone, I freak out a little. It feels creepy here. I can imagine walking aline in this jungle to psychopath. My strange imaginations run wild…

I remember the TV show – Lost… the black smoke come out and take me away (something like that)… I could write a psycho thriller, base on a true story of myself if, I were left alone here for a month (No. That’s not going to happen).


It also seems like a good place for hide and seek (for a ghost movie scene).

After the rocky path, we came to a clean bamboo forrest…

More walk… endless walk like I expected…


After hours… We pause and catch our breath, take a short break…

Take some photos and enjoy the view… (I’m not sure why Danny take the photo of his the stick and the view)

This particular path is very memorable as it is so small (about 1 foot wide) and you can fall into the valley if you miss a step.


The above picture capture a small landslide in front of me. You can notice the path is that small. After a short break we move on…

Then we arrived at the spot for lunch break! An empty field in the middle of bamboo forrest.

There are basic long stool made from bamboo by our guide. This particular area was prepared by him. He has been here many times and he make this place a bit nicer for traveller like us to stop by, rest and relax.


Lunch is very simple. We had sticky rice, deep fried river weed, fried eggs with vegetable.


It was prepared by the hill tribe villager in the morning and pack nicely for our journey. There are no fork and spoon so we have to use our hand to eat. There is no waterfall to wash our hand this time and we only have enough water to drink. We use sanitiser to kill bacteria on our hands. Then, we say grace and ask god to sanctify the food and we eat with hand 😀 The lunch was delicious.

We continue our journey after lunch. The weather is getting a lot hotter and we started to walk slower.

A lot of time I almost slip and fall when we go down the hill. The path we went through are covered with dried leaf and very slippery. Every time I make a new step down the slope I slipped, shouted and paused. Afraid that I might fall and roll down the hill, I try so hard to balance my body. As it takes me too long to go down the first slope I started to panic.

I ask the guide. “Is there a way to call the helicopter?”
He paused and smile “There is no helicopter in Laos.”
I say “I can’t go anymore and I want to quit”
He says “If you continue to pause like this we are going to spend another night in the jungle. There might not be food and water.”

At the moment of realisation I have decided to let myself slip down the slope like how he did. After a few times of practice I some how learn something new. Slipping down the jungle is actually very fun and exciting. I follow his step closely.

The journey down the hill is much more challenging than the way we came up.

Finally we have arrive at a small village down the hill. We take a break at the small stall had cold water and Pepsi!

There are a few more hours of walk before we can reach the jetty to Muang Ngoi. The guide ask if we want to take a motorbike there to jetty of course my answer is “yes”. Of course we have to pay a little big extra for the petrol.

The guide and his friend in two motorbikes give us a lift to the next village near the river.

Once we got to the riverbank, I was greeted by butterfly! I was amazed how it just land on my finger. It’s like nature giving me a sweet kiss as a reward. This 2 Days 1 night trekking in the jungle of Laos is the most adventures activity I ever did. It’s a little challenging but I love it.


5 responses to “Trekking in Nong Khiaw, Northern Laos (Part 3 – Jungle Escape)

  1. You have a better life experience going hiking, seeing new places, and spending time with people who live differently than you. Watching movies mostly just give us bad-dreams and worse. I recently came across a statistic that 70% of Hollywood movies contain guns, and have you ever seen a movie with a gun that did not get used? Furthermore, the specific types of guns are product-placements by the various gun manufactures. Those companies pay the studios to feature their weapons in the movies. What they will do to sell more products. There is so much more to life than letting companies influence how you think. Keep trekking!

    • haha Oscar I like what you say watching movie mostly give us bad-dreams! It is so true. Especially psycho thriller or ghost movie… After sometime I still have those scary images in my head 😦

      yeah keep trekking 😀

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