Nepal (2): Angie’s Eyes on Nepal – A good coffee place in Thamel, Kathmandu.

I was craving for a cup of good coffee since I arrived in Nepal. This is the second day I am not satisfied with my coffee.

Overall, the hotels in Nepal do not provide good coffee for breakfast. I swear to my Gods – ” I won’t order a coffee from any hotels for my breakfast, it taste just like plain water. “

I told Siddartha after today’s breakfast:” If you do not bring me for a cup of good hot Latte, I will kill myself in front of you now. I meant it, now…”

He looked at me and said: ” Okay okay. Don’t die. Let’s go. I hope you like it, that is the best for me. I won’t pay the bill, you will pay. I hate you, and my staffs will love you as you just safe their ass from being scolded. Nepal is not the same as Ubud, you can’t compare Ubud and Nepal……..”

He was mumbling in his own language, I was mumbling in Mandarin.

Finally, after 10 minutes’s walks, we arrived at this little cafe located at Mandala Street, Thamel, second floor – Himalaya Java Coffee.

We both sat down and ordered the hot latte. The coffee is good, the taste is as good as my favourite cafe in Ubud which is named – Kopi Desa.

I am happy, so I want to introduce this cafe to you all.

NOTE: The price of a cup of hot latte price at 135 rp + 15% tax. It is around USD2.

I am happy because the coffee is awesome, and the price is so cheap compare to BALI.

Below are some photos.. No photos of the serving of coffee, I forgot to take a pic of them. 😦

If you are visiting Nepal soon, don’t forget to pay this cafe a visit.



To be continued…..


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