Bali: Beautiful Life in Bali!

Today is 13 Jan 2014, my current location is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I can”t work on my computer as usual as I miss Bali so so much. It is time to go back to that beautiful island as I know Bali is a place for me to smile, to enjoy, to work, to breath, to feel happy, to feel beautiful and to feel young again.

This post is just a random thought and a sharing of bits and there of my life in BALI.

I felt blessed.

Don’t hate me, I do not mean to show off, but, BALI is beautiful, and it makes people feel beautiful and happy. Isn’t it? I am a difference person when I am in Malaysia. 😦

Some of the photos below I can’t share in any social media as all men who take the pics with me are married. They are my very close friends and partners.

I decided to share it here as those photos are nice and I don’t want to keep them in my PC for ages, I know one day I might lose them.

 NOTE: All photos below taken in December 2013.


Angie at viceroy

angie and siddartha

angie at seminyak

sulubann beach angie

angie at secret beach 2



angie at secret beach


angie at bali1

Let me know if you are visiting BALI. I will be glad to bring you around. Happy Monday! Happy Working Day! 


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