Kuang Si Falls Luang Prabang

The turquoise colour of the Kuang Si Falls is as seen on pictures. It is so beautiful! It’s the no.1 place you must check out if you go to Luang Prabang. These cascades waterfall is a form of limestone and the turquoise blue colour water are formed by the natural minerals in the water. The colour of the water sometime different when visit during wet season and dry season.

We hire a pick up truck from the street in Luang Prabang that willing to send us to Kuang Si Falls and come back. After we have agreed at the price and time, we return our bicycle to the shop and the truck come and pick us up from the guesthouse.


Kuang Si Falls is about 30km away from the town, it will take about 30 minutes with this truck.


We passes by some little towns and villages, turning here and there on hilly road. It is very interesting to see the life of this little town from pick up truck.


After about half an hour ride we have arrived. A photo from the entrance. We had some local food as lunch at the store outside the park. Then we begin the hike.

Greeted by a few bears that were rescued from the illegal animal trade.


The bear is checking out the watermelon that she found. When feeding time the workers will hide food around the trunks and trees to keep the bears active.


YEah turquoise cascades waterfall! The waterfall bed is so slippery and the water is very cooling. Danny and Pat walk very carefully to the middle of the little pond.

Although there are many tourists here but the site is not cramp as the area is largely spread out.


We follow the path and do some trekking up the stream.


The main waterfall, 60 metres cascade


Our moment together at the main waterfall. After that we continue to go up stream…

Below photos are taken at the highest point we can go. It looks like a mysterious quiet river in the forest. Water from fountain of youth or something…

The hike seems easy but it takes some hard work and burn lots of energy. It feels great to be up here.


Standing at the edge of the waterfall, I tried… that tingling sensation at the feet… I can feel my heart pumping faster… It’s so scary to look down…


Below more photos from the edge of the waterfall

After hanging out here awhile, we crossing the waterfall to the other side of the bank and go down through the stairway. Then we head back to Luang Prabang town.

On the way back…

Our pick up truck broke down in the middle of the road… The driver try to fix it but he couldn’t. The sky is turning darker and darker… A few pick up truck passes by are all full.


Finally we stop one pick up truck that can fit three of us in… our driver spokes with with the other driver… and we were sent back safely without extra cost. I can see that the people in Laos are kind and more helpful with each other in general.

Peace ^^V


2 responses to “Kuang Si Falls Luang Prabang

  1. Copper and the calcium from limestone usually turn water that color of blue. Was the water warm or cold? Our mountains have a lot of natural acidity from the tree leaves. At times the water in streams will be more orange from this, as well as iron.

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