10 tips for travelling to Vang Vieng

1. How to go to Vang Vieng?
Take a van from Vientiane or Luang Prabang. The van can be arranged with hotel or guesthouse easily.


2. When is the best time to go?
Wet season (May-Sep) or dry season (Nov-Feb)? We when on February, tubing is slow and boring but we had lots of fun kayaking, cycling and climbing. For wet season tubing would be more fun but more dangerous. It is also more challenging cycling on trunk road or climbing the wet rock. To me it is always a best time to go as you get different beauty and fun of the season. Stay safe.


3. Where do I stay?
Once you get in Vang Vieng, simply walk around the small little town and check it out. You will be able to find a place you like within your budget. We were staying at Popular View Guesthouse, a riverfront view for triple share with air-con, water heater, breakfast included for 200,000KIP (25USD) per room per night.


4. How much do I need to spend?
– Average meal 40,000 kip or USD5
– Beer 8000 kip or USD1
– To rent a tuk-tuk for the day costs about 130,000-150,000 kip (15 to 20 USD)
– Bicycle 10,000 kip 0 25,000 kip
I would say 50 USD per day is more than enough (not including accommodation)

5. Currency exchange and ATMs
Laos country in general don’t accept Malaysian Ringgit (I feel bad as a Malaysian in this case)! Make sure bring enough USD to Laos. There are ATMs in Vang Vieng. Make sure you called your bank and tell them you are going to Laos and don’t block the transaction! I’m using Maybank Visa debit card (Malaysian Bank) and have no trouble accessing the Laos ATM machine. I was charged 20,000 kip (2.5 USD) each time I withdraw money. Max amount each time is 2,000,000 kip (approx. 250 USD)

6. How many days do I need?
4 days 3 nights or 5 days 3 nights. Please stay at least 2 nights as Vang Vieng is too beautiful.

7. How to get around in Vang Vieng
Walking, bicycle or motorbike!


8. Know and respect the local culture
Be polite and cover your body. Though you have a sexy body unlike Thailand, the locals here are very conservative, please don’t walk around naked or being too revealing. Please do not show your affection in public, the locals feel disturbed. Kissing and hugging in public is impolite in Laos culture. Do not touch the anybody’s head, is it very rude! Do not put your feet on the table. Speak softly. Help protect the beautiful nature and do not litter.

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 4.01.53 PM

9. The things you could do in Vang Vieng
Kayaking, biking, tubing, trekking, caving, rock climbing, fooding, drinking, swimming at the blue lagoon or visit waterfall and if you can afford go for hot air balloon in the morning!

10. Are there still crazy parties in Vang Vieng?
No more crazy parties but small party. It’s now safer to go and better to enjoy. Have fun!


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