Cycling and climbing in Vang Vieng

Our main objective of the day is to go to the Blue Lagoon next to Tham Phu Kham Cave then we will do some climbing at view point. The bicycle rental only cost 20,000kip and mountain bike is strongly recommended. We preload the google map on our smartphone (for GPS) using the hotel wifi and later cross reference with the hard copy map we got from the tourist map. Make sure you bring some water and light food just in case.

Below a tourist map from the internet for reference. Tham Pou Kham Cave is about 7KM away from Vang Vieng Town.

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 4.46.41 PM

After cycle for some time we will cross check with the people we met on the road to make sure we are on the right direction. After some bumpy ride and lunch at an organic restaurant we have finally arrived at the cave!

Before we start dipping in the lagoon we decided to check out Tham Pou Kham Cave.

It is quite a big cave! Luckily we brought our torch light. After caving, we go for a dip. Pat and I were not good swimmers so we only stay at the side to be safe.

The water here is clean and deep. A few brave tourists (including Danny) will climb up to the tree and jump down into the lagoon. I only did the Africa Swing and I lost one side of my contact lens when I jump into the water. For the record, I was wearing purple colour lenses. If you look into my eyes, you will see one side is dark brown and the other one is purple. How special is that haha… The great thing is, I actually did all the following activities with half blur vision. (Lesson learned: bring extra daily disposable contact lens when travel)

There is a small shop and restaurant run by locals serve meals and snacks. We had some beers and just relax.


Then we move on and go check out more places. We cycle back the same way we came and go to view point for a climb (opposite the Vang Vieng town).

There are moments we were captivated by the view and we stop by to take some photos while rest our legs and butt.

After that we continue to conquer the hill.

It’s not an easy climb as the rock are sharps at some point but definitely worth a climb as the view is fantastic.

The top area is really small. Maximum 3 persons at a time. We take a rest and have some water before continue getting down.


That’s the face of satisfaction!

On the journey back to the hostel, Patrick’s bike was malfunction. The chain on the gear was broken and we couldn’t fix it. All of us end up pushing bicycle back together. Luckily we were not far from our hostel and the bike shop did not charge us for repair. Thank god we are back safely.

Bicycle outing is still my favourite activity.


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