Caving and kayaking in Vang Vieng

The day after tubing, we went for caving and kayaking trip with Green Descovery. It is a good tour agency with good track record recommended by the lonely travel guide. Price is slightly higher than other tour agencies.

We took the Full Day Vang Vieng Experience trip, starts at 9:30am and end at around 5:00pm (15minutes transfer, approx. 2.5 hours kayaking, 2 hours caving/walking), lunch included.

There are only 3 of us with 1 private guide who can speak fluent English. The van drop us at Viengsamay a village 10 km north from town of Vang Vieng, we walk pass the village to visit some caves at the back.


Above a picture of Elephant cave..

I remember the guide told us that one of the cave we passes by is very deep inside, he himself manage to go 7KM deep then he decided to turn back… so far no body has fully explore that cave. He said that sometime back there is an expert caver try to explore the cave and end up dead inside. I wasn’t sure if he is making up a story to scare us or telling a truth. Anyway, we are not recommended to go there as it is not the agenda of the day.

After those caves we arrived at a little farm outside another cave and greeted by lots of cows. The cows in Vang Vieng cost about 2,000,000 Kip. Hmmm.. anyone interested to stay here forever and raise some cows? lol…

Then the guide give us a short briefing and prepare us for caving. Each of us pick a torch and we start our little adventure into “unknown darkness”…


As I walk in here, I can smell the humid cooling air. I can only see where the torch shine and the view is very limited thus my imaginations start running wild… all the horror movies I have seen now flash in my memory trying to haunt me >_< I wasn’t sure if I’m scared or thrilled… May be both. I take my camera and simply point and shoot a picture with flash. Look what a big cave here! (Secretly I was hoping there is no mysterious ghosty object appear in the image… hope you know how I feel…)


Danny climbing up the bamboo stairs, the guide leading in front.


After the big cave we trek to another point for lunch.


Passing by a padi field


Jumping down from a higher ground and avoid the cow dung.

Here’s our lunch prepare by our guide at the riverside, simple yet delicious!
Barbecued Pork Skewers and Rice wrapped in Banana Leaf
Read more about accommodation and fooding in Vang Vieng

Next, we went to water cave. Picture below: The dark hole beside those tubes is the entrance to another thill adventure!


Holding the rope, dipping our ass in the cold water to the dark cave.


I can’t see anything in the cave except the person in front and behind me.

My ass is dipping in the dark water and I don’t know how deep it is and what’s beneath me.. Are there fishes or weird creatures? What if something bite my ass?! I’m thinking too much again…

Finally we come to a shallow path inside the cave. I quickly point and shot another photo (blindly) in the cave. Thank god! It’s clear rocky bottom. Nothing to be afraid of (comforting myself) :/


We get all the way to the end of the cave then turn back and yeah we’re out safely. It was a new thrilling experience to me exploring water cave.

After caving, the pickup truck send us to another location for kayak.


At starting point, another short briefing before we go to the water.


The view at the staring point.


The whole kayak experience is great. It was fun, easy and safe. It was so much better compare to tubing. We were traveling at the end of Feb 2013, the river is gently flowing. We were so relax. Bring some beers if you could, you can leave them on the truck while u go caving and trekking.

If you only have 1 full day in Vang Vieng then go for kayak instead of tubing. If you have two full days then you go for kayak and the next day cycle to blue lagoon and some hill climbing at view point. If you have more days, take your time and enjoy. Share your stories with us. We will share the cycling experience on the next blog…


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