Tubing in Vang Vieng

The once famous hub for endless party, booze and drugs for backpackers on the SEA route is different now. Due to to the many deaths incident here, the Lao government under international pressure has closed down all the riverside pubs except for a few along the tubing stream. To be honest, we were a little dissapointed to hear this because we were looking for a party 😛 Well, this soon changed after we’ve spent a few nights here. We find Vang Vieng to be best enjoyed for it’s beautiful landscape. Too much party will unable us to appreciate the sheer beauty of it’s limestone, crystal clear river, lush green forest, caves & the many turquoise lagoon. Instead will be stuck with endless hangovers. Well, I’m glad there are no more crazy parties here 🙂
We still have our own little party with a some beer while floating along the river & dipping in it’s many turquoise lagoon.

This is the view from our balcony looking out to Nam Song River. After we have settled down in our accommodation, we decided to go for tubing.


There is only 1 company running the tubing business here, it’s not hard to find… just follow the crowd. After signing up, a pickup truck sent us to up stream, where the organic farm is.


Just in case, some sun block before the tubing begins.


In the middle of Nam Song River in Vang Vieng. Amazing being surrounded by so many limestone hills.


Floating down the stream, passing by some villages. It’s so laidback.


We came well prepared. Lao Beer anyone?


The river is slow and gentle during dry season. It’s quite shallow as well. Many times we find our ass rubbing the bottom. eek!


Due to the weak current, we were going so slow & after awhile it gets boring. Also because we ran out of beer 😦 dank! Should have brought more. There is no party except for 2 pubs along the river & occasionally we will bump into groups of people.


Humble houses surrounded by luxury green nature and limestone hill.


The sky is getting darker and the temperature started to drop. It’s actually cold after sometime in the water. Also we need to return the tube before 6pm or else our deposit will be forfeited. Saw a guy by the river bank offering to send tubers back for a fee with his pickup truck. We decided to get off the river a mile before the destination.


Back to our hostel and greeted by beautiful sunset.


Overall I think tubing is really boring because it’s dry season, it takes 3 hours to reach the bottom & there are no more activities along the river… getting a Kayak would be a better option for this season. However if you are here on a wet season, it’ will take only an hour to arrive at the bottom, it should be much more exciting.


6 responses to “Tubing in Vang Vieng

  1. I never got into a party scene in my youth. I would much more have enjoyed the scenery. I think that i would have preferred a kayak which I could vigorous row, should I need some excitement. Hangovers, and not remembering what I did for a day do not appeal to my sense of adventure. Hope your next trip offers more stimulation.

  2. While I was there I spent a full day kayaking down the river with a few good friends. It was actually incredible and a great way to see the natural beauty of Vang Vieng at your own pace. I was still there during the party scene, which was okay, but the hangovers, always having to watch your drinks, and putting up with the disrespectful backpackers who sleep in the bars, gets old very quickly.

    • yeah we went kayak the next day lol.. will share some photos soon 🙂 How nice that you get you enjoy the wild side of Vang Vieng 😀 haha yeah party hard rest well or else really gets old very quickly lol..

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