Lombok, Indonesia: A heaven in the earth? I gave it a name – “Baby Beach” (2)

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We found this beach, and decided to give it a name – Baby Beach on 10/11/2013, 3pm.

We was at Pink Beach, East Lombok, before we visit to Baby Beach.

After we took a swim in the crystal clear water in Pink Beach, Tralala told me: “Let’ go, I bring you to some beaches which are nicer. No people and very quiet. I don’t like Pink Beach, too many people.”

I looked around, not much people, only locals came during Sunday. Pink beach is so far the nicest and quietest beach compare to other beaches I have visited.

I whispered: “This is a Paradise for me, yet he said not nice.” I really hate him when he said the Pink Beach is not nice.

NOTE: I stayed in Bali. All beaches in Bali are filled with tourists. Pink Beach is really nice for me at that moment. So clean, less people, no tourists(only me as a foreigner), only locals go there for a swim on Sunday. The locals told me, if it wasn’t a Sunday. The beach won’t has any people.

“Huh? You sure? No people?” I asked.

He said: “Yes. I bring you. I love the beach but I don’t know the name, nobody has any name for it since I am running the business as local tour operator for 30 years in Lombok. I will go there when I am stressed.I always went there alone when I was younger. It has been 5 years I never been there. Hope the beach still as nice.”

“Okay. Okay. ” I am happy.

A virgin beach with no people on the beach: No one will say no, right?

In a short while, we hired a boat. He gave the directions to the boatman on how to get there. And, after 30 minutes boat’s ride, we arrived at this virgin beach.

He jumped into the water before the boat parked at the shore.

I didn’t jump, I slowly get out of the boat. I can’t believe on what I saw.

It is a sunny day. The water so blue, so clear, the sands so soft, so white. I saw many fishes in the water when I was snookering in the ocean with my pink goggle.

It is a huge natural swimming pool. No waves, no rubbishes, no people, no sea grasses, no rock in the water….. For me, the beach is a heaven in the earth.

I swam happily like a fish. After awhile, I got tired, and sat on the beach and start taking a lot of of pictures. I swear, I am coming back here soon alone or only with my future husband/boyfriend, and will not wear anything even a bikinis.

NOTE: I regretted I do not bring a bikinis as I travelled with my business partner – Mr. Tralala.

See some photos below:

(Photos not nice. In real is nicer. I swear.)



Above: Tralala is preparing to jump and swim in the ocean. I wanted to jump too, but I was scared. I am not a good swimmer.

ImageAbove: Tralala jumped into the water before the boat parked at the shore of Baby Beach. He said there are so many fishes and corals in the water. I dare not jump, I am scared as no life jacket at that moment.




Above/Below: I am a coward? I slowly got out from the boat at the shallow water.  Tralala laughed at me.



10 responses to “Lombok, Indonesia: A heaven in the earth? I gave it a name – “Baby Beach” (2)

  1. I alway prefer lonely beaches. Never enjoyed the crowds laying about, walking over each other, and splashing in the surf. When I moved to the East Coast (USA) 25 years ago, I spent the winter in a rented house a block from the Atlantic Ocean. I loved going out on the weekends and walking the beach with snow and ice on it, but no other people.

  2. Love to read about your adventure and pictures. Would like to go to this places my self..I will be going to lombok March this year and staying around south lombok area. Do you mind sharing your contact. Mr tralala seems like a cool guide. How much is the price tag for his tour…

  3. Hello Angie!
    Really enjoyed your post! I am actually heading to the Gili islands in 2 weeks. Would like to get the contact of Mr Tralala if you don’t mind. Thank you mucho!
    – Dora

  4. Hi, I am wondering what the name of this beach is. Is it really baby beach? I am going to be in Gili Trawangan tomorrow through Friday and Lombok on Saturday and would love to visit this beach. Please give me more info. thank you!

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