Lombok, Indonesia: Untouched Beaches in East Lombok, Indonesia(1)

You see promotions in Air Asia, you bought a cheap flight ticket. You are looking for a beach holiday in Lombok as you know Lombok is well-known for its white sandy beaches.

Now, you will ask yourself: “Where to go in Lombok? Where to stay in Lombok? Where are the the best beaches of Lombok?”

First thing you might type in the Google search box: “Where to go in Lombok? Beaches in Lombok?”

Am I right?

And, finally you find results like: Senggigi Beach, Gili Trawangan Island,Tanjung Aan Beach, Kuta Beach, and you might even find some places of interests and some day tours to Sasak Village, Mount Rinjani, Gile Gendang Waterfall… and the lists can go on.

However, the Google will not tell you how to go to the untouched beaches in East Lombok even you type in: “Untouched beaches in Lombok.”

Trust me, I tried, no result. (Unless you type in the correct name, and the results are not up to your expectations.)

Here, I am going to tell you where to find these beaches. I think I am the first Malaysian to arrive there, you might be the second one.

Here, I share some photos. It is a tough adventure. I took a long ride from Senggigi to Pink Beach, Kaliantan Beach, and some hidden beaches which I reached via boat from Pink Beach. The beaches which I reached via boat I named them: “Baby Beach” and “Angie Beach”.

Nobody give them any names before. So I named them. However, in this post, I won’t share about Baby Beach and Angie Beach, I will share them only in the next post about Lombok.

See below some photos of Pink Beach & Kaliatan Beach which I reached there with car. However, I will advice not to go to these two beaches using a car, you can charter a boat from Senggigi, or from a small harbour nearby. It is really hard to drive there. We almost get trapped in the desert liked hilly jungle. The roads condition are bad.

1st: Pink Beach

NOTE: There are some locals there, still, so clean and nice.

Photos below are taken on 10/11/2013, 12pm at Pink Beach, Lombok, Indonesia. 


Above: The way going down to the Pink beach, so rough as the air is dry as you can see all trees are dying. It is a long way down the cliff.


Above: Yes. I see the beach from on my way down the cliff. There is a new built road, but yet cars can’t enter. You can try, but I bet you need to do a major repair of your car after that.

ImageAbove: Here you go.. The closer view of the Pink Beach, Lombok, Indonesia.

2nd: Kaliatan Beach

NOTE: Nobody there. It is a huge, desert-liked flat area, there are some hills which I can climb up to take photos. Windy, and so so so beautiful. Not for swim, big waves might drag you into the ocean.

Photos below are taken on 10/11/2013, 4pm at Kaliantan Beach, Lombok, Indonesia. 


Above: We are the only visitors today, no cars at all mean no visitors at all. It is a long beach, untouched. I wish I own the beach and I can built a big hotel there.


Above: The local house for the fishermen.


Above: One of the view at Kaliatan Beach, Lombok


Above: There is one person standing there far away, he is my partner in Lombok. He brought me there. It is wow.. Nobody at all.


Above: Nice view, nice feeling because nobody there.


Above: Driving towards the Kaliatan Beach. A long and dusty route.


Above: A scene on the beach


Above: Yes. It is me. Angie. I stand on a windy hill, taking photo of myself overlooking the stunning view. This is a heaven on the earth. 🙂

To be continue: I will share some photos on my Baby Beach and Angie Beach soon. I am not going to reveal them now. Save the best for last. 


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