Kolkata, India: Man-pulled rickshaws

Kolkata is the only city in the world that has not banned the man-pulled rickshaws. 

There are thousands of them. From my readings, the India’s government can’t ban it, or these people will die of hungers. Their rickshaws are their shelters at night. Without the rickshaws, these people sleep on the street. They don’t have any income. No money, no food, they die. (NOTE: I read a lot before I write the above.)

Feeling sad, anything we can do?

I was very depressed and uncomfortable seeing a man pulling men/women. They remind me of cows & horses.

NOTE: In India, cows never works, they are gods.

(Read this: http://lifeabouttravel.com/2013/11/03/india-cows-are-gods-yes-they-are/)

In general, the rickshaws’ pullers are skinny, old, and small. The customers of these man-pulled rickshaws normally are double/triple the size.

Each ride is charged 10 rupee, or a little bit more, depend on where you want to go. 10 rupee is equal to less than RM0.20. Fuck!! RM0.20? What we can do with RM0.20 nowadays? These people, have to  pull the rickshaws under the heats, barefoot sometimes.

I was offered to sit on the rickshaws many times on the streets of Kolkata when I was on my way to Mother Teresa House.

I never sat on one. I can’t sat on one. I was depressed. My heart was/is bleeding.  I wish I can do something for them, but what? These are the people in need of helps of the charity? Aren’t they? They don’t even earn enough money for foods.

NOTE: Those workers/sisters in Mother Teresa House are generally double the size of these men.


Above: A bell to attract customers? fuck…

Below: Some photos I took.. I am depressed by sharing these photos. Where is the human right? and Rp10 (RM0.20) each ride?



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