India: Cows are gods? Yes.They are.

I told my sister: “Cows eat rubbish, that is why Indian don’t eat meat. Now I know why all my customers from India are vegetarian. Hahaha… I also won’t eat meat if I see animals eating rubbish……”

Sister said:” Ya. So geli.”

Yes. Cows roam free in India, no big deal. In that vein, so do cats, dogs, pigs, sheep, goats, horses, chickens, large turkeys, donkeys. monkeys and camels. But cows are the most frequently seen and large in number. They walk in the street with the cars. They nap on the side of the road. They eat trash near touristy areas and scrounge for food near markets. I saw them eat trash near touristy areas and scrounge for food near markets. They drank dirty water from the roadside as well.

We were in India for 15 days, we did not dare to eat meat in India since the first day.

I bought some books and read about India after a few days. Found out: Cows are gods in India. This is the reason why Hindu don’t eat beef. They don’t eat beef/vegetarian not because cows eat rubbish. Felt depressed as knowing my own theory is stupid. 

Some knowledge to share: 

Nandi is the name of the bull/cow/cattle(not sure on the species) which served as the transportation and gatekeeper for God Shiva (the Destroyer).

There are so many temples in India are built for Nandi. Women visit temples of Nandi, bringing floral offerings, and touch the stone. Their prayers are for fertility.

Indian are Hinduism. They are the followers of Shiva. That is the reason why Indian do not eat beef. And, the Shiva followers are vegetarian in general.

NOTE: I did not take photos of cows after the 5th day, as I already used to this norm. India is not India if I do not see rubbish, people, animals especially cows on streets.

Below are some pictures of cows on streets. They are Gods : People give ways to Gods. I can’t understand why the cows can be everywhere on the streets.



Above: The cows blocked my way.


Above: Cows eating the left over food.


Above: A cow and many people in the train station


Above: I am ready to run if the cow attack me.


Above: Posing…


Above: Cows in the river


Above: I gave way to the cow

Thanks for reading.  

By the way, I love cows, they are so cute, and they do not attack. They are friendly and cute. 


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