In the city of Vientiane

From Pakse we took a VIP sleeper bus to Vientiane. Due to the second bed bug incident in Pakse, I’m traumatised (First incident is in Koh Rong, Cambodia). We heard from the hostel there are other traveller had bed bugs incident from the sleeping bus. If there are bed bugs on the bus I will have no where to run.


Once got on the sleeper bus, we quickly check the bed and pillow to see if the bed bug trace can be found. Thank god we are safe. The bed is almost like a single bed but it is for two persons. It means you have to sleep with total stranger if you are traveling alone. If you are big size, do someone a favour and buy a double tickets so you can have the whole bed to yourself.


Me and Danny are sharing a bed so it is not a problem for us. Patrick is sharing with a small size Chinese traveler from China.


I don’t remember waking up in the middle of the sleep. The next thing I know is that we have arrived! Rise and shine, beautiful sun rise in the city of Vientiane.


There are many pick up trucks waiting to take you to somewhere. Negotiate at the price we got up this truck and head to the city.


In front of me is this cute baby and her mother. She got a beautiful eyes like her mother. After about 15 minutes ride, we arrived at the city centre. We walk about to find a nice and cheap hostel to stay and find out that the whole town is having electricity black out. After about 15 minutes survey we settle down at a decent new hotel at USD60 per night.


After settle down we head for breakfast.


Noodle and coffee from a corner restaurant around the hotel.


Then we spend our time walking around the river bank.


Nice place to hangout in the morning.


After some morning walk we stop by this Fruit Heaven for fresh fruit juice.


There’s nothing much to do in the city other than shopping and fooding. After more walk around the town we grab our lunch at a local restaurant.


I’m getting Wanton Noodle in Soup. It feels pretty much at home.


After lunch we went for the most anticipated activity in town – bowling. According to the lonely guide it sounds pretty happening so we give it a try.


Here’s our bowling and beer time!


The whole bowling place is occupied, very happening.


Danny keying our name to the system, looking at the classic black and white screen.


After bowling we head back and dress up for a nice dinner and Mojito. According to lonely guide there is a nice bar serving most probably the best Mojito in the whole nation of Laos… I some how have a high expectation for it 😀


Our first decent dinner together. Pork rib yeah!


Fresh pizza!


A dash of sweetness to close the dinner session.


After dinner we head for Mojito. The bar is so cozy and jazzy, for a moment it doesn’t feel like I’m in the country of Laos at all.


There are not much crowd here, we have the whole upstairs to ourselves. The great things is that we come at the happy hour and we can have 2 glass at the price of 1. The guide book didn’t let us down, the Mojito here is really good.


I had two glass of Mojito at a really short time. I was really high… Do you know how it is like when you walk on a flat surface but you thought that there are stairs? That’s how I feel… While other guests starring at me, Danny and Pat just keep laughing at me >_<


This is how we end the night in Vientiane… next we head to Vang Vieng! Please stay tune for stories from Vang Vieng 😀


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