From Pakse to Champasak, A Ride To Remember

Back in Feb, I was traveling with two men who have zero experience riding a motorbike. I’m the only one who has motorbike license. Still, we did it across state from Pakse to Champasak by motorbike. Please note that we did not take our life for granted. We ride very carefully…

It all started with the two bikes we rented from one of the shop in town. I’m riding one of the bike and I have Danny at the back while Pat take the other motorbike. We go around the town and get use to the bike then Danny took his turn testing the bike. After about 1 hour learning the motorbike, we check the google map on the phone (pre-loaded using wifi from hotel), find our location and follow the road to Champasak.

When we first got out to the highway, we ride extremely careful at 50KM/H speed. It is quite scary at first as I’m really worry about Pat with that motorbike.


After about half hour ride, we stop our bike next to a padi field.


We had our lunch at this little stall the first thing we got here. I almost knock down this pillar when I try to stop the bike (luckily I didn’t).


Here we are, safely arrived at the destination 😀


Champasak Beef noodle


After lunch we find our way following everybody to Vat Phou (Wat Phu). Passing by this big artificial lake.


There are some local celebration at Vat Phou.


School children preparing for performance, young ladies preparing for traditional dance.


The path to the hill top


The site under maintenance


Walking up the terrace


Local’s religious worship at the sanctuary


Khmer Apsaras figure just like the one in Angkor Wat


Natural spring water at the North Palace


Courtyard area at the North Palace


The view on the upper level


Yeah we made it to the top 😀 I was wearing a free paper hat from AirAsia.


Me and Danny posing for photo. Both of us look so tanned. The dust from the yellow dirt road has added another layer of colour.


On the South Palace, the crocodile stone on the upper level… myth says that it might be the site of an annual human sacrifice in pre-Angkorian times.


Staircase frame with two snakes


Last shot before leaving Vat Phou


Yeah we did 100KM motorbike trip!



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