Malapascua Island, Philippines

There are always time for us to do the thing we love to do. Here I find myself updating the blog again.. Finally the stories from Malapascua 😀

We extended a few more days during our trip to Cebu as we want to check out one more place before we go back to Malaysia. We couldn’t decide where to go at first. We wanted to go Boracay for a little party at first but it is a bit far from Cebu and we only have a few more days left, also it was during the low season, it might be heavy rain there. Luckily we have Nick (our dive instructor as he is very familiar with the Island around Cebu), after discussion we decided to go take a look at Thresher Shark in Malapascua.

How to go Malapascua from Cebu?
1. We took a cab to the bus terminal on the north of Cebu City.
It is about 15-20mins drive depends on traffic, cost about 350pesos (8USD)

2. Take a bus from Cebu City to Maya Pier.

There are buses leaving every half an hour to Maya Pier. The air-con bus cost 180pesos (about 4USD), 4 hours ride.


3. From Maya Pier, there are boat leaving almost every half or one hour to Malapascua.
It cost only 80 pesos (less than 2USD), 30 mins boat.


The view at Maya Pier

Important Tips for travellers at the pier:
Please do let anyone there carry your luggage unless you want to pay them 150pesos (4USD)! I thought they are boat men offer to help carry my dive gear to the boat. Right after they put down the bag on the boat they ask for 150pesos. I felt like being robbed but we gave them the money anyway. We should have ask for discount but we didn’t… how stupid.. I rather give the money to the boatman as tips than these people who carry bag. It’s only 15KG for 3 mins walk… arghh… there’s nothing I can do about it now 😦

At Malapascua
Malapascua is very famous among the divers. Popular dive sites including Gato Island, Monad Shoal, Kalanggaman Island. Monad Shoal is the site where thresher sharks and manta rays can be seen everyday (almost 70-80 percent chances).


On the island we stayed at Bounty Beach as most of the restaurants and bars are here within walking distance. It has beautiful white sand beach.


Walking around checking out


Beautiful sea tones


Our beach front room at Cocobana Resort.


Great reading place


Local kids playing at the beach during sunset


Diving in Malapascua
We only manage to do 3 dives in Malapascua and didn’t manage to go to Gato Island and Calanggaman Island due to the strong wind, big wave and strong current. As Philippine was hit by Typooh Usagi (on the northern part of country) it has affected the weather as well.

Our first dive is to Monad Shoal for Thresher Shark. We have to be in the water at 5:30am, waiting at 20-30 meter deep at the cleaning station. Nitrox is strongly recommended. The visibility is quite bad that day (12-18 meter only). We are lucky to be able to see the shark as two of the divers that take normal air missed it (not enough bottom time).

We are suppose to go Gato Island on the second dive but the sea is too rough so we change the dive site to just around the island – Bantique. It is a easy dive site with a lots of critters.

The following day we go Lapus-lapus. The sea is very rough, we go to the dive site by going around from the back and spend almost 20 mins to anchor the boat. The current is so strong that we have to decent via the buoy line. The underwater garden is so beautiful. The visibility is ok. It’s almost 99% chance that you can see the pygmy seahorse and frog fish here. Below some of the photos from the dives.

Fooding in Malapascua
Ging Ging’s Restauran
– One of the most popular one on the island. The food is cheap and nice.

La Isla Bonita
– The food is good but have to wait about 30 mins

Ristorante Angelina
– Fantastic Iatalian food. You have to reserve at least 1 night to eat here. The food is too good to be missed. The home made pasta is cooked al dente, the sea food grill is fresh and delicious, Panna Cotta al Cioccolato is truly memorable 😛

Malapascua Exotic Bar & Restaurant
– Very good service. I found a hair in the fresh watermelon juice so I told the waiter. Immediately they change a new one for me and upgrade to a biggest glass for me. Food is good, price is slightly higher.

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