Cebu, Philippines

Our trip to Cebu is really rewarding. In quick summary we have dive with the treasure sharks, swim with whale sharks, had fresh raw sea urchin on the dive boat, encounter huge sardine ball, pygmy seahorses, frog fish… Here’s some experience and tips.

The air flight

With Cebu Pacific promo we got ourself a very cheap air fairs to go Cebu (to and fro cost about RM380 inclusive tax and luggage). However the initial direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to Cebu got cancel and the replacement flight is to Manila then transfer to Cebu. The journey become longer and we have to flight at mid night and transfer in the early morning. The airline service is quite good. All the crews we met are polite and always greet with warm smile. Its a recommended airline.

The dive in Mactan
No.1 thing I want to shout about is the service. There are no other place provide such great service for the price we paid. In short, I just need to be there wear my own wet suit, the rest will be done by the crew. They even wear the fins for me before I do the giant strike. One of the crew even comb Danny’s hair before he jump into the sea. Lea, my instructor and I were laughing our ass off.


Very comfortable dive boat we got and that’s Lea. Lunch, water and tower are provided.


Most of the dive here are wall dives and covered by lots of small little creatures from nudi branch, blue ring octopus, pipe fishes, crab, shrimps, turtle…


Below one of my favourite encounter, millions of sardine swimming above the sea bed that was covered by sea grass. The night dive here are great too.. It’s like a rave party, disco light torches shining and those crabs and shrimps are dancing… It’s so lively! Almost every meter you swim you will see something!


Check out my the underwater photos from Mactan on post below:
Dive Mactan (Lapu-Lapu City), Philippines – The Underwater Collection

BE Resorts
Our dive instructor Nick got us a pretty good group offer. We stayed at a boutique resort located along the same road with Shangri-La and MΓΆvenpick Hotel. There are a lot of Korean and Japanese tourist around here as there is direct flight here.

The first morning I woke up at 5:30am for the sun rise. It takes some effort waking up so early. I walk along the corridor to the window on the east side and found a nice view.


The resort has a modern design. There are two pools here. I like the one with jacuzzi located by the beach and next to the bar. We spend one of the afternoon sipping Mojito here..


The view from the hotel restaurant.


Our comfortable room.


Love to sip coffee and looking out in the morning.


Golden Cowrie, Mactan Marina Mall
On the first night we went for modern Filipino dining. Immediately I’m in love with the food there! I grow up in a country surrounded by great variety of good food, what a shame that I have yet to try Filipino food until this day.. It is so delicious.. emm the Crispy Pata (pork knuckle)… Kinilau.. and some food I have yet to learn those names… Here’s some of the food we had…







Check out the food menu.

Swim with whale sharks
You may read more about our whale shark story and view the video on previous blog:
A swim with the whale sharks in Oslob, Philippine



Dive with Thresher Sharks, Malapascua Island
Thanks to Miko as she advise us to dive with Nitrox as we are Nitrox certified. So we pay a little extra for Enriched Air. We were really lucky during that dive to be able to see the thresher shark. The visibility was poor 10-15 meter. We waited 10 minutes at 30 meter but didn’t see anything so we ascend to 20 meter. Out of a sudden 1 Threser Shark swim to us and check us out then it swim away. The other two divers with normal tank couldn’t see them…

Below a screen shot from my video.


Below video summary

Will share more about Malapascua Island on the next post. Stay tune πŸ˜€


15 responses to “Cebu, Philippines

    • Do some planing then you can save a budget πŸ˜€ Our trip to Mactan 4 days 3 nights was a group trip.. πŸ˜€ It’s about 500USD for 8 dives and 3 nights hotel stay.. The trip to Oslob was a 1 day trip.. we hire a van and share among a few friends.. Its about USD155 (3 hours go and 3 hours back) + entrance approx. USD25 Then Malapascua.. we took public buses and public boat.. all together USD8 the hotel stay per night was about USD60 per room per night (sea view, aircon, water heater).. not so expensive as u think.. the air flight to and fro from KL to Cebu about USD120..

  1. Exhilarating stuff guys! Specially underwater experience is so surreal. Philippines is a lovely place, just missed a trip there few months back. Hope can do it in near future.

    • Thank you for stopping by again πŸ˜€ Hope you are great. Yea it was a great experience swimming with the biggest shark in the sea… I’m sure you will have plenty of chance to go soon πŸ˜€

  2. Delicious! Yum, yum….I like the food pix and the menu, especially the shrimp dish ( on the menu) and the ice cream. What exactly are the names of these two dishes?

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