Here’s what we did in Malaysian Paradise – The Perhentian Islands

Fall in love (again)
The last time we came was 10 years ago. This time again we fall in love with the beautiful beaches. The Perhentian Islands is truly the Malaysian Paradise. If you are travelling Malaysia, this is the island you have to visit. This place is still as beautiful as 10 years back. The different is that the island is now slightly more developed than before.


Above picture taken at Tuna Bay, Perhentian Besar


Above picture taken at Long Beach, Perhentian Kecil

Sun Tan (of course)
I love tanned skin. To me it is the “receipt from holiday”. To get the golden tan, some people uses sun tan lotion and expose themselves directly under the hot sun. Normally this will end up getting a burn. My personal tips of golden tan without burn: Use sunscreen with SPF30-50, apply throughout the whole body in the morning before heading out. Then for me I will lie down under the shade whole day and dip in the sea whenever I feel hot. If you have fair skin it is better to re-apply the sun screen at around noon time.

At Long Beach, there are umbrella with mats for rent at RM10 (whole day). We spend the whole day here reading book and do nothing.


Enjoying the sun


Dip and relax in the middle of the sea


Jennie and Danny practicing kung fu


Tokong Laut (temple of the ocean) and Sugar Wreck are the most recommended dive sites here. Too bad we didn’t manage to check out both this dive sites. We only did 1 dive at Tiger Rock (Tiga Batu in Malay) with Pro Diver`s World (RM90 per dive and cheaper if you take more dives). The dive centre provides all the equipments (BCD, Reg, Tank, Weight Belt, Wet Suite, Mask, Fins) however we brought our own wet suite, mask and fins (we don’t know that gears are included at first). It was a fun and easy dive at Tiger Rock. I saw big purple sea fan for the first time here.


We stayed at Coral View Resort. It is only a 5 minutes walk via the concrete staircase to Perhentian Island Resort where there are some coral good worth exploring. The mask, snorkel and life jacket can be rented from the operator at the beach. Fins are not allowed here.

Snorkelling is still a fun activity for us although the coral and fishes you saw are not as great comparing to diving. We love it simply because swimming around without BCD and tank feels light and free. I do enjoy looking at Anemone and Crown Fish (nemo) here.


Swimming & snorkelling from the shore get you closer with the coral.


While snorkelling around, Danny likes to free dive into ocean


Party at Long Beach, Perhentian Kecil
Long Beach! The most happening beach in Perhentian Islands. It’s a backpacker’s heaven. More choices of budget accommodation here. A lot of traveler from other beaches seems to gather here at night for party. The boat taxi normally cost around RM5-25 (depends on how far you are coming from). If you are traveling in a group you can negotiate for a slightly cheap price. After mid night they charged double.

Fire dance every night at 9:30pm.


The alcohol here is not cheap comparing to all the Asia Countries.


We end up drinking some cheap rum with pineapple juice. It cost RM25 for 350ml rum and the pineapple juice is RM5 per can. All the tables and mats here are free to sit. The bars here play some nice dance music. The beach environment feels like Koh Lipe in Thailand, but the setting here are completely different.


Jungle Trekking
We always enjoy trekking the jungle from one beach to another (although we can just take the boat taxi). It feels great sweating out, and rewarding when we reached the destination.


Trekking from Coral View Resort side to Tuna Bay side


Following the path in the jungle


Arriving Tuna Bay


Look what I found!


Tuna Bay, Perhentian Besar


Float in the middle of South China Sea
At Tuna Bay we swim out to the sea and hang around at the big float. Lying down on the float looking out to the beautiful sky and feel how mama ocean gently cradling us.


Me and and my sisters-in-law (Natalie and Jennie) float on the ocean trying to do synchronise swim


Kung Fu jump into the sea


Another power jump with style


That’s me in below photo. I choke in a few gulps of seawater for this. Thanks to Danny for the shot, I love it although it is not a perfect jump.


Feeding fishes


Sunset walk
Me and Danny will always take a walk during sunset. I like to call it the romantic sunset walk. In fact it is the best time for photos. Unintentionally the walk will always turn into a silence photography competition and see who got the best shot 😀

In Perhentian Kecil we walk from Long Beach to Coral Bay (chasing sunset) but the scene was blocked by the new jetty. I wonder why they have to build the jetty on the right side of the beach and completely block the view *sigh* We walk back to Long Beach instead.


Sunset moment at Long Beach


A little pond at the beach during low tide


My favourite sunset photo taken by Danny


Local kids jumping to the sea at the jetty near Marine Park, Pulau Perhentian Besar

Here’s are my personal top 3 restaurants

#1 Tuna Bay Restaurant (Perhentian Besar)

Beautiful view


Delicious Kampung Fried Rice


Malay Style Fried Noodle


#2 La Vela Ristorante Perhentian Island Malaysia (Perhentian Kecil)

Nice Ambiance with great service


Fresh pizza


#3 Mama’s Restaurant (Perhentian Besar)
The price here is cheap. The service in the morning and lunch hour is fast but at night a little bit slow as they are packed with people.


Mama’s friend rice


Mee Bandung


Half boiled eggs


Here’s a video summary

Please stay tuned. Next we will continue sharing the travel stories from Laos & Vietnam. Thanks for reading.

11 responses to “Here’s what we did in Malaysian Paradise – The Perhentian Islands

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  2. Hi, I will be travelling to Kuala Lumpur for just a little over a week at the end of March and deciding between Koh Lipe and Perhentian for a side trip (potentially 2 or 3 nights). As you have been to both places, if you had to decide between the two which one would you recommend? I am just after a nice relaxing and chilled place to go to. Many thanks.

    • Koh Lipe is in Thailand, u have to fly to Langkawi and take a 2 hours boat crossing the border. Well, Perhentian is in Malaysia, u can take a bus or fly to Kuala Besut then to the jeti and take a 30mins boat there. Both islands are nice in different way. Since u r in Malaysia why not check out the Malaysia Paradise first 🙂

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