Some of the best moments in Si Phan Don (Four Thousand Islands) Laos

#1 Admiring the largest waterfall in South East Asia, Khone Phapheng Falls
We have seen the picture on the internet, this is not the biggest waterfall on earth but we are still amazed by it. This is so far the largest waterfall I have ever seen with my own eyes. I can’t imaging how huge is Angel Falls, Victoria Falls, Niagara Falls… How powerful and beautiful god’s creation are.


Joyful smile. Nothing in this world is better than sharing a beautiful moment with the love one.


#2 Kayaking on Mekong River
This is the first time we ever kayak on the river. We were on the inflatable kayak! It was during the dry season when we went, the water is quite clear and greenish in colour.


Guess that during wet season these tress will be underwater and the current has form the interesting shape. You can tell which way the river is flowing by looking at the tree.


Kayaking trip in Don Det is special. At some point we simply leave the kayak beside the river, and walk through the padi field to visit the water fall. The guide will bring those kayaks to the next location and meet us there. *feel exclusive*


Everybody on the pick up truck to the next kayak point.


Ready for kayak again.


Dipping my feet in the clean cooling river.


#3 Hydro massage
There are a few water falls around Si Phan Don. Let the waterfall massage your head and shoulder.


The view around the “hydro massage centre”



#4 Dolphin watch
The deepest point of the river is where a few Irrawaddy dolphins live. They are shy and quick. Sometime you can see the fin when they come up to the surface to catch a breath.


#5 Cycling around
Exploring the little town on a bicycle, head south to Don Khong.


#6 Discovering the canyon of Si Phan Don, Laos
The way to the beach in Don Khong.


To the beach


Swimming at the beach in Don Khong. It feels like the oasis in the desert.


#7 A moment of fairy tale land
That moment is surreal. All the bamboo trees have put on their evening gown, dress in reddish brown welcoming us along the way to the beach in Don Khong.


#8 Sunset in Si Phan Don
Little kids play fishing on the boat.


The jetty looks so beautiful during the sun set. This is the place where we first take the night boat to Don Det.


My first sun set moment at the Little Eden Guesthouse.




#9 Fishing
We spent the whole evening here but couldn’t catch a single fish. We even got the fire ready to grill the fish. Fishing is definitely not my thing but we had a good time chilling at the small little island.


#10 Rib Shack
This little stall is hard to ignore. A must try.


Yummy ribs with coleslaw, potato salad and garlic bread.


#11 Unforgettable Mojito
The owner named them mojito but we give them a new name – Mekong River Shake. Have you ever drink a mojito with that much of foam on top? I have no idea what they put in there, they look disgusting. You know what? I had two glasses and I have no idea why. Probably I miss mojito that much.


#12 New friends
The travel journey are made fun with the people you met along the way.


#13 Bon fire
All the pubs here closed before 12am due to curfew. Travellers will move to the beach, start a bon fire, chit chatting.


Been there Don Det. Some of the best moments in life recorded.


4 responses to “Some of the best moments in Si Phan Don (Four Thousand Islands) Laos

    • Hi Oscar we were told that we have kayak the whole big round.. I don’t know which point is which point as we just follow the crew.. We kayak to one point the crew will carry the kayak with truck and we just follow the crew walk to next point. Then kayak again.. Dry season is November to March and we went during the end of February.

  1. Hi Danny and Vivian,

    I’m really interested in kayaking down the Mekong river when I’m in Don Det, it looks heaps of fun. I’m just wondering if you guys still remember and can tell me if you had to book/organise the tour in advance?

    Also, at the moment, I’m not planning to organise my accommodation beforehand. Do you guys think that’s a good idea

    Thanks for your cool blog


    • If you are reaching Don Det in the evening or at night it is best if u could arrange at least a night of accomodation. If not then u can walk and ask around…

      U dont have to prebook the kayak tour.. When u r in Don Det js walk to any tour arrange counter 🙂

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