Tad Marine Resort at Pulau Tinggi, Johor where we had our private party

It was 5am in the morning, we head south from Kuala Lumpur to Kulai. Everybody is on time as no body wish to miss the boat of fun. The high way is very empty as it was the second day of Hari Raya and many people are back to hometown or on holiday.


As the sun rises, so does our mood. The journey to Tanjung Leman Jetty is smooth and pleasant.


We allocate 6 hours for the journey (R&R stop, toilet break, and festive jam) but end up we arrived 2 hours earlier than expected.

The jetty is small but nicer than Mersing. We had KFC as early lunch and hangout at the sea view alfresco area. We got bored after 2 hours of wait. The only thing that keep us entertained was the small little speaker.

Finally the speedboat arrived and we head straight to Pulau Tinggi

TAd Marine Resort, Pulau Tinggi
The whole island here only has this very new resort, only 1 year old. We stayed at the Melati room (Beach Front Semi D), everything here is new and the bed is very comfortable. However I think the price we paid is a little bit high (may be it is because of festive surcharge). We paid RM888/pax for 3D2N (inclusive 6 meals & snorkelling trip), extended 1N at RM150/pax

The Beach
The beach here is clean, white and sandy while water is turquoise blue. I love it.

Other than looking at the beach and sky there’s nothing much to do. The best thing to do is nothing.


We did something like kayak

Jump into the pool and create tsunami

Play at the pool

Walk alone with nature or walk with your life partner and feel romantic

Enjoy sunrise & sunset (The sunset here is beautiful)

One of the evening it rains heavily. I use to feel sad when it rains as I was having holiday at the beach but not this time. In fact I feel joy looking at the pouring rain, admiring the power of nature. If you pay attention, the air smell so good after the rain (you know what I mean). The moist and freshness awaken the mind and soul.. hmmm.. *deep thought*


Food at TAd Marine Resort
The buffet on the first two days was not up to our expectation.


On the 3rd day, all the guest check out at the same time and we got the whole resort to ourselves. The chef came and met with us, we had a chat. He specially cater the dinner to our taste. The “Pei Pa” Chicken suggested by him is fantastic. Here’s a photo taken by Fei Ern (my sister).


This hotel has excellent customer service. They attended to our need immediately. There is a karaoke bistro lounge, the song list was recently updated. We got the whole function room to ourselves on the last night and sang our heart out.

Here’s a video summary

Little advice for other travelers
Beware of sand flies!!! Covered yourself well with mosquito repellent and wear long pants & long shirt to the beach if possible lol.

7 responses to “Tad Marine Resort at Pulau Tinggi, Johor where we had our private party

  1. What festival (?) is Hari Raya? I have not heard about this before. Which culture observes this? Beautiful pictures of the beaches, until you got to the sand-flies thing.

    • Yea those bites are really nasty. We treat the them with Hydrogen peroxide + Betadine it helps heal very quickly. Also took Zyrtec (antihistamine) everyday when it started to itch. It does help.

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