Present from the Nature

I remember it was the night of my 30th birthday. We got nothing much to do on the quiet island, so went to sleep earlier. It was our first night in Koh Rong and we are trying to sleep without fan and air-conditional.

Not long after fallen asleep, I was awake by the itchiness on my neck. I can feel a few lump like mosquito bites on it. Well, I ignore it. After about 2 hours the lumps has gone bigger and still, I ignore it. After awhile I woke up and try to check the bed I sleep, I got a big shock! See what I found.



Bed bugs!

It was the first time we encounter bed bugs. Also just learned that I’m allergic to it’s bite. I quickly pop an antiallergic pill.


My arm and neck are swollen.


My back too.


Danny too has fed the bugs but he is fine.


We walk out to the living area of the resort in the middle of the night. It was really dark and everyone was asleep. There are a few staffs sleeping in the middle of the restaurant inside the mosquito net. Sorry to woke them up and report the incident to them and request if we can change to another room. Too bad it was during super peak season and the whole resort is booked out. No choice but we have to sleep in the restaurant with them.

Actually, I really don’t mind sleeping in this restaurant’s living area as the double volume ceiling and the comfort level makes me feel like I have a super big sea view room. The staffs pull out bed and mosquito net and make a very comfy sleeping area for us. I fall asleep within minutes.

The next morning I had a swollen eyes and lip. The present from nature. Thanks to it I learn that I’m allergic to bugs.


The owner of the resort has ordered some medicine from the main land, arranged another room for us and give us a free night. I also learn that resort management is not easy. He has trained his staffs really well. Also issue like bed bugs is hard to prevent as there are so many travellers everyday and unintentionally they can simply leave some bed bugs eggs in the room. I will prepare myself to handle situation like this now as one of my dream is to have an eco resort like this 😀


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