Awesome 30th birthday in Koh Rong, Cambodia

My 30th birthday, I have everything I need and also the most important things in life – love & joy.

I told myself this backpacking trip is the best gift ever I gave myself. We arrived in Koh Rong on the day of my birthday and had a wonderful day. In the evening, we hang out at the restaurant – the living area at Paradise Bungalow. Suddenly all the staffs in the hotel starts singing “Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you..” I look around and they were all looking at me! Immediately I burst out tears of joy :’D It was totally a surprise on top of my happy day. I didn’t know Danny has planed the arrangement with the hotel. It was such a great moment I want to remember forever 😀



16 responses to “Awesome 30th birthday in Koh Rong, Cambodia

  1. Glad you enjoyed your surprise on your birthday. May your years extend well beyond your current horizon, and may you have the opportunity to explore beyond that too.

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