Koh Rong, Cambodia – A Hidden Paradise

Koh Rong is located in the Gulf of Thailand. It’s definitely one of the more untouched islands there. We took a 3 hours boat from Sihanoukville and went through some choppy seas. The journey was a rough one, the boat was rocking in all directions… bad sea sick & trying not to throw up on anyone. To ease it, the one trick i learned is that to keep looking out to the horizon, well… at least it helps a little πŸ™‚


Finally we have arrived! ahhhh… perfect greetings! crystal clear sea and white sand. The jetty is still under construction, we get off the boat through a narrow wood plank. A lot of balancing skills needed to cross, else I’ll be the first one down the sea… together with my backpack =.=”


The perfect beach weather.


We wasted no time, first thing we did after checking in to Paradise Bungalow is to have a lil picnic by the beach. We brought some snacks & ofcourse a bottle of wine to celebrate our arrival. hehe πŸ˜›


It seemed we’re not the only ones that enjoys the beach… Rocky, the Belgium Shepard is pretty excited too.


We spent 4 nights in Koh Rong’s Paradise Bungalow. The accommodations here are very limited. Most of them are guests houses & they are booked out in advance, so do your booking as early as you can. We did a reservation 2 months before we travel and make the payment when we are in Sihanoukville. Sometimes, you need to plan ahead to get good accommodations, especially on islands.

The place we stay – Paradise Bungalow
We are so in love with Paradise Bungalow. The German owner, Rudy Schmittlei, is a diving instructor and has traveled around the world for 34 years. He was caught in the terrible 2004 tsunami which hit Thailand and Sri Lanka. He was severely injured and was flown out to Germany and put in an induced coma for 17 days. When he woke up and returned to life he wanted to live in paradise. Four years later he move to Cambodia and opened this resort. One of the many things I like about this place is the breakfast. Great coffee, great food, great ocean view & classical orchestra. Best breakfast experience I’ve ever had.

This is a eco friendly resort that uses solar power. All rooms are tastefully simple and has no electric supply. Water supply in the room only available in the morning and you have to make sure you keep some water at the tank prepared. Electricity is only available at 7pm-10pm at the restaurant. We can charge all our electrical items there. If you want luxury then you are at the wrong island. This is the place that we can say we are back to basic and get so close to nature.

The locals
The locals here mainly depends on the sea to live. Almost all the men here are fisherman. Few others are carpenter, guesthouse owner, mini market operator…

Here’s the highlights of our activities in Koh Rong…
Things to do in Koh Rong:

01 Lazying at the beautiful beach front

02 Exploration
Did a small adventure, walk to another side of beach where the Treehouse Bungalow is… Very few people here and we almost got the whole beach to our self.

03 Food!
Most of the food here are great especially the stall that sells noodle near the jetty. We saw many locals having quick meal there so we follow. That man beside the stove is the owner of the stall.

04 Jungle trekking
We did a 40 minutes trekking to other side of the beach by ourselves without guide. The locals here call it “The Long Beach”. It is where the Broken Heart Guesthouse located. Luckily we met Rudy at the beginning of the trek, and he advised to “follow the red”. We have no idea what that means but after some walk and climb, we saw the “red” he meant. It is the sign that lead you to the shortest path. Lucky us, because later we realize there are also blue and white markings, which are much harder routes.

05 The Long Beach
After some hard climb over the hill, we have arrived at Long Beach. The real long, white and powdery sand with crystal clear water. When you dip your feet in the sand and rub, there’s a sharp rubbing sound. It should like when we scratch our nail against some clothes really fast. There are a lot of sand flies here, we were warned & brought mosquito repellent. We went back by boat as we were too lazy to go back climbing the hill again πŸ˜›

06 Making sand castles πŸ˜›
Do things that we used to do when we were kid.


07 Reading and admiring Sun Set


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