Sihanoukville, Cambodia

We are so excited about Sihanoukville. It has been a month since we last chill by the beach at Thailand. The hotel we choose is Coolabah Hotel. It is near the beach, good room, reasonable price. We book through app. After we arrived at the bus terminal, we get a motorbike taxi straight to the hotel.

Arrived at the hotel, welcome by the paper doll with a tray of beer.


Very comfortable room. Love it.


Things to do in Sihanoukville

01 Chill by the sea, dinner & beer
After weeks of temples, pagodas and city touring, dinner by the beach is really refreshing 😀


Serendipity Beach. The reason why we chose this beach is because it is nearer to all the restaurant, pub and clubs. More happening.


03 Enjoy sunset, do nothing.
5 minutes after the sun rest below the horizon… Spectacular colour…


04 Island hopping and Snorkeling


I was so excited to get into the water, I just grabbed a snorkel and jump into the ocean without a life jacket. After a few second, the sea water keep flooding my snorkel and I kept choking. I blow out the water and it came back in. I panicked! Quickly, I hold my breath swam to the boat and try to stay calm. After I climb up the boat only I realised it was because of a broken snorkle. Jesus I almost drown myself 😦


Look at Danny, he is so excited swimming in the sea. This is the only picture I took before I drown my self. He swam so fast without waiting for me…


Arriving at Bamboo Island, crystal clear water and clean beach.


There is no resort on this side of the beach, it is serene. I could sit here for hours.


Unlike majority of the asian girls, I just love the sun! I can just lie under the sun for hours at the beach. What’s the point being at the beach if you don’t like the sun? Well it’s not like this for me back in KL, I can’t even last 10 min under the hot sun. lol. Apart for the sun and sea, I also love the smell of sea breeze and the sound of the waves… so therapeutic.


Dipping at the shallow. Best massage chair!


After lunch, we did some trekking to the other side of the beach.


It’s hard not to notice this special piece of art. A tree trunk decorated with slippers.


The wave crafted the bottom of the sea with some beautiful sand patterns.


The sand here is soft but not white. There are simple accommodations on this side of the beach. For those who want to enjoy quiet time can stay here. We spend sometime at this beach then head back.

After we are back at the hotel, we rent a motorbike and check out the other beach – Otres


The resorts here are much more tasteful. I would strongly recommend travelers to stay here at Otres compare to Serendipity. The beach here is much cleaner.


Openly, the bar here serve weed shake and magic mushroom 😀


We went for a try. Danny and I share a glass of magic weed shake.


This shake is really nothing compared to our experience of Happy Pizza in Phnom Penh. We just feel slightly light hearted, may be it’s from the beer 😀


We hung out here until the sun sets.


We started to get hungry, it’s time to head back to Serendipity for food hunt!


Next post – Koh Rong


16 responses to “Sihanoukville, Cambodia

  1. love the picture of you two lovebirds hugging!
    enjoy your trip and thanks for sharing these beautiful photos (takes my mind off all the dust and stuff at our treehouse!)
    take care,

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