Mandalay – The Yangan Hill (Yangkin Hill)

We did not know about this place until the pick up truck driver and the tour guide brought us here. After we have done Mandalay Hill in the morning, we still have time so we ask the guide to bring us to place with beautiful view and less tourist. He suggested for us, a place not far from Mandalay, a 30 mins drive will take us there. We were told that is is called The Yangan Hill (after some research back home I think the English name should be The Yankin Hill) It is located in the east of Mandalay.

There is a temple famous among the local located here, it is called the Fish Temple inside the Fish Cave or Nga Yant Min Cave. It is said that the figure of the Buddha to be, the king of the fish was put in the cave and belived to get rain when there was a drought. Also you can’t wear your shoe on the hill. We did the whole hill bare foot. It was 3 hours walk in total in order to visit all the temples and caves.


Endless stairs!



A monk doing the repainting work.





Spectacular view


Above is the fish figure in the fish cave. The myth says that if you pour water on the fish will bring rain.


The view when we come out of the fish cave


Big figure of Buddha protected by dragon.


Some says that you can do good deed here by feeding the deer.


Shan mountain


Going down to another cave.


Beautiful glass work reflecting afternoon sun light.


Sun set view. Although we can’t see the sun but we got beautiful cloud.



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