The Irrawaddy River Cruise, Bagan to Mandalay 伊洛瓦底江, 缅甸, 蒲甘-曼德勒之路 传奇游轮

Bagan to Mandalay by boat. We travel on the 30th Jan 2013 during the dry season. There are many good reviews about this river cruise and since we have tired the bus from Yangon to Inle and Inle to Bagan so this time we want to try the boat. The hotel receptionist (Aung Min Ga Lar Hotel) has helped bought the boat tickets for us. It cost USD35 each including a pick up from hotel to jetty by taxi.


The boat leave at 5:30am so we need to be on the boat at 5am. We get up really early and check out. The jetty is about 10 minutes driving distance from the hotel.


It is a free sitting boat. Luckily there are not many people on the boat, we pick our favourite sit and settle down our luggage. First round of coffee & tea is free on the boat. After that you can buy the food and drink from the boat restaurant.


The Irrawaddy River or Ayeyarwady River (also spelt Ayeyarwaddy) is a river that flows from north to south through Burma (Myanmar). It is the country’s largest river and most important commercial waterway. (read more on wikipedia)


The journey begins with a beautiful sunrise. The weather is a little bit chilly, we put on our jacket and stand outside the boat to enjoy the whole atmosphere.


It is a relax cruise. The view is spectacular. You get to see the other side of life in Myanmar by the river. The locals depends a lot of this river. They catch fishes, wash clothes, bath… Some time we see children waving with us.





This is the deck chair outside the boat.



The boat is taking its sweet time so do we. The great thing is that we get to see sunrise and sunset on the boat. This is really amazing.





Due to the dry season, the level of the river is lower. There are times we stuck by sand bank but it is no big deal, after the boat make a reverse we continue the journey. Finally we have arrived in Mandalay.



In short, the whole experience to us is amazing! Strongly recommended.


4 responses to “The Irrawaddy River Cruise, Bagan to Mandalay 伊洛瓦底江, 缅甸, 蒲甘-曼德勒之路 传奇游轮

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  2. I had a great time in Bagan back in 2012. I recently posted a recollection of my thoughts on mightytravels dot com ‘Why you should go to Bagan, Burma before it’s too late’ . It’s such a beautiful and tranquil place. I hope it stays that way for a little longer!

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