Best thing to do in Nyaung Shwe, Myanmar

We arrived at the hotel – Mingalar Inn, Nyaungshwe very early in the morning. Looking at the sun rises along the journey makes me feel like crying. The lake, the people, the weather… really beautiful! It’s freezing here, 7 degree! This is the place you must visit before you die! We are having our first breakfast in Hotel. Appreciating freshly brewed hot coffee & banana pancake

Mingalar Inn, Nyaungshwe

Right after we settled down, we walk out to get a bicycle. The hotel staffs suggested that we could get around by cycle as the town is really small. She gave us a cycling map, we rent the bicycle at a price less than 1USD a few doors away 😀

Cycle around the town of Nyaungshwe, Inle Lake, Myanmar
The best thing to do!

Simple lunch in Nyaungshwe – Traditional Shan Cuisine
Feeling a little hungry while we spotted this restaurant, we decided to take a lunch break here. The place looks very new and clean. It’s a family restaurant, the girl who helped her parent speak very fluent English and serve us like we are in a hi-class restaurant. The avocado dessert is really delicious! Love it.

Dinner in Nyaungshwe – Burmese Cuisine
The sky turn dark early here. The weather is a little bit chilly but we like it. We put on our jacket and cycle out to hunt for dinner. The town is pretty quiet and slow. We decided to stop at the restaurant with more locals and try the food. Most of the locals cook at home, so I guess the restaurant mostly cater for tourist. It was an ok dinner. We met up with a French couple for a drink after our dinner and call it a night.


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