The road to Inle Lake (Inlay), Myanmar (Burma)

Here’s our journey from Yangon to Inle Lake by bus.

Inle Lake is such a mysterious place. We have been reading stuffs & photos posted by other travellers. The beauty of this place deeply attracted us. Inle & Bagan is one of the reason why we want to go Myanmar.

We read that the road condition to Inle Lake is one of the worse in Asia. I really can’t imagine how it is like. This will be the first time we ever take such a long bus ride (13-15 hours). We thought of taking the domestic flight but to use less money and see more places is our main objective. Air flight is way costlier at around USD 150, so we bought our VIP bus tickets from the super good service hostel (Motherland Inn 2). It only cost us 20USD. The bus will leave in the evening and arrive in the morning.

The bus stops every 3 hours for passenger to stretch their legs and toilet breaks. The first stop is very nice and they have proper restaurant for dinner. We have a quick dinner with a new friend, Patrick from London.

After that we continue our endless journey… We fell asleep in no time…

Incident 1
After sometime, the bus stop again.. So I thought it must be a toilet break. When I go down, there’s no building, no street lights. All the woman go to the back of bus and man to the front. I follow the woman and go to the back.. oh there we pee on the middle of the road under the stars.. totally unexpected haha… The sky is so clear and the weather is very cooling! It is really nice to be back to nature lol… It was a quick 15 minutes stop. After that we continue our long journey and yeah we are halfway there 😀

Incident 2
In the middle of the night near dawn, the weather turn so cold! The temperature outside is only about 5°C. Both of us were freezing and we can’t sleep at all. Our thick jacket is in the backpack and it was in the bus luggage storage. There is no heater on this bus. No wonder the locals brought thick jackets when they get in the bus! We were totally unprepared.. before we get on the bus it was around 34°C in Yangon and we were sweating like a cow… After awhile, I can’t stand it anymore, I go to the driver and beg him to stop so I can get my backpack and take our thick jacket out. Thank god, he stops immediately and help us get our backpack. We got our sleeping bags… slept like a pig…

Incident 3
Can’t remember how long we slept, the bus stop again. We woke up and the bus was moving again. Patrick (who was sitting in front of us) woke us up and tell us that this stop might be our destination and the bus is heading to Taunggyi now. We were suppose to stop at Nyaung Shwe, and we thought ours was the last stop! Never mind, we run to the front and ask the bus driver to stop. We pack our stuffs and get down the bus quickly without wasting other people’s time.

We get off the bus, standing beside the street at dawn, blur. There are a few minivan service taking passenger from here to the town of Nyaung Shwe at this hour. We negotiate our price and get on the van. Then, Danny realise that he left his wallet, camera & cap on the bus! The bus has long gone! We told the minivan guy about the problem, beg him to call that bus driver (thought they are from the same bus company but not) How? The minivan guy finally agree to help us chase down the bus, but with a price. Guess there is no choice… We were praying so hard “oh please please we can’t lose our wallet and camera! God help us!” We spotted the bus stopping at the road side just 1 km away! Wow thank God we got everything back. Phew…

It’s approaching sunrise at this time & we get to see the first glimpse of Inle. It was exhilarating! So stay tuned for our next post for more pics & story on Inle Lake


6 responses to “The road to Inle Lake (Inlay), Myanmar (Burma)

  1. Oh man, that must have been a scary feeling. I’m glad you guys were able to track down the bus not too far away. We are moving to Cambodia within the year. Reading about your experiences has helped!

    • You r welcome. Those art are interesting 😀 we haven’t been to Alaska.. May be one day we will visit that part of the world.. Thanks for liking the Inle story haha.. It’s a new experience to me..

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