Bangkok, Thailand

Who doesn’t know that Bangkok is a shopping heaven? We’ve been to Bangkok many times before this. This time mainly to catch a flight to Myanmar. The first thing when we arrived is to look for good food. Food court and hawker stalls is our favourite.

Walking around the new Siam Centre
Newly renovate Siam Centre is very exciting. It is young and vibrant. Love the beautiful artwork display.

Chatuchak Weekend Market
shop shop shop. food food food.

Super Pork Noodle in Chatuchak Weekend Market that you can’t missed!

Hanging around Platinum Mall, Pratunam

Barbecue Fish outside Isetan Mall, Bangkok
You can’t miss it as there are tons of people lining up for seat

Night scene

Leaving Bangkok to Myanmar (Burmar) next

Tips for backpacker who want to shop
We currier our stuffs back using the Thai local post. The price for 1.5kg cost about 600baht only. Really very cheap compare to DHL & Fedex (approx. 2000baht per KG)


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