Phuket, Thailand

We only came here because we need to take a domestic flight to Bangkok. This is already our 3rd time here. All I can say is, it’s “same same but different”. I guess this phrase works throughout Thailand. In fact, it’s printed on shirts sold in the street here.

Well, not wanting to rush, we decided to stay & chill here for 3 nights. What do you do in Phuket? Of course we can’t miss beach bumming on the famous Patong Beach. So that’s all we did on the first day. Drinking, eating, reading & bumming… life’s good!

Next day we decided to be a lil adventurous. We rented a motorbike & explore on our own.

It turned out to be great! We manage to see much more of Phuket. Coastal road was scenic & there are much better beaches around. We also manage to capture sunset from a hill overlooking the ocean… It was such a great day out! Highly recommended if you are there.

Some food we enjoyed before we left to next destination – Myanmar (Burma)

Here’s our video summary of Phuket

Not the best video but hope you like it.


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