Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

This is not the first time we’ve been to Koh Phi Phi. The last time we came was in 2007. We got a shock when we check the latest photos and videos of Koh Phi Phi 2013, the small little island is now pack with party people. 365 days party non stop.

The jetty in Koh Phi Phi, June 2007

The jetty in Koh Phi Phi, June 2007

The jetty in Koh Phi Phi, Jan 2013

The jetty in Koh Phi Phi, Jan 2013

We are here this time to celebrate Danny’s birthday! Yeah party party party!! The island is still very beautiful and clean.

We stayed in Phi Phi Twin Palms Bungalow approx. 60 USD per night with air-con, wifi and attached toilet. Very near to the beach, bars & convenient store.

Night life & parties
Most happening bar: Slinky Bar & Woody Bar. 365 days, fire dance every night.

Activities: Climbing the View Point, Koh Phi Phi
We never sleep the whole night and climb the hill at dawn (5am). The path is so quiet… Lovely cool air, little birds chirping, “green” smell from the woods and trees… We are the first couple going up to the hill that day. The sunrise view is amazing!!!

Activities: Kayak till dusk, Koh Phi Phi
We kayak to a beach nearby – Loh Lama Bay. It takes about 1 hour. This is the place where you can see a full sunset and no body else is here except the two of us. If you are too lazy to kayak.. you can take a sunset tour but they normally will not drop you at the beach.

Favorite food stall in Phi Phi
Really delicious and cheap! Right at the path to Loh Dalum Beach.

Here’s a video summary
Taken and edited with iPhone 4.

Note the best video but hope you enjoy.

Checking out to next location – Phuket, journey continue…


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