Living at the edge of the world. Why not?

koh lanta, thailand

View from lighthouse in National Park, Koh Lanta, Thailand.

We have been living at the edge of the world during our travel. Go to places that we are not familiar.. see the world with a open heart, experience new things everyday, meet people from different part of the world and see life! You know what? This is the best thing & decision we have ever done to ourself and we thank god that we have the opportunity & courage to make it happened. Our vision and perception towards things changed.. We are really happy for life and everything (not that we are not before this but we are happier!) So many stories we want to share! Life is really short and anything can happen at anyplace, anytime to anybody.. Let’s appreciate life and live it to the fullest yeah!!!


8 responses to “Living at the edge of the world. Why not?

  1. Amazing. You two are an inspiration. Takes alot of guts to change your life in search of happiness.

    • Thank you Vannak for following our stories. God gave us the the guts and courage. We just take it šŸ˜€ Things happened for a reason, I always believe it is for the better.

  2. I don’t know who coined the phrase “travel broadens the mind” but never a truer word said – as long as your mind is open enough to be receptive in the first place!

  3. Such a great attitude to have šŸ˜€ I definitely think one of the best things you can get out of travelling is an appreciation for everything you have in life!

    • Yea bringing along what is necessary and leave out the rest. Then only we realised the things we need is so little and we focus on what is really matter. Thanks for stopping by šŸ˜€ do keep up with us.. and keep in touch.

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