Koh Lanta, Thailand

Koh Lanta is our 2nd destination after Koh Lipe. How we decided to visit this Island? We simply google image of Koh Lanta and see the beaches image and “yeah we are going”. Here’s our photo blog from the journey.

Sunset in Long Beach area
Fine sandy beach, perfect place for sunset! There are a lot of restaurant and bars a long the beach. We had a really great time enjoying full perfect sunset here.

Kayak Excursion
Our favourite activity! It’s a lot of fun kayak around these limestone and visit a few caves. The water is here is greenish blue and very clear… typical Andaman Sea water. The sand on the beach inside the cave is so fine and soft and the water is amazingly clear. It’s pitch black in there so bring a torch.

Sunset in Narima Resort
We met a few new friends from the kayak excursion, Narisa from Thailand (her parent owned Narima Resort), Marc from Quebec, Arnaud from Toronto and we hangout for sunset and dinner at Narima Resort. The food and cocktail here is amazing! Must try the mojito if you are here!

Motorbike trip to the South of Koh Lanta
We spent about 2 hours of motorbike ride to the South but we stop a the cave (but didn’t go in as it takes 2 hours trekking, need to pay for cover charge and we are not wearing shoe), visit some other beaches a long the way, and all the way to the Light House in National Park area. The South beach is very clean and private. Be careful of your belonging here as the monkey is very naughty here.

Our video from Koh Lanta, Thailand.

Not the best video but hope you enjoy 😀


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