What inspired us to backpack / travel?

It is not a norm for a typical Malaysian Chinese like both of us to come to a decision to go for backpack together. Working hard and save money for a better future is like the main focus for most of the typical Chinese here. “Money not enough, how to travel?” is what normally said.


You know what? Life is short! Everyone knows but many don’t get it. Last year was a tough year for both of us. We’ve been married since year 2009 but haven’t decided to have kid until last year (2012), we tried and yes l was pregnant! We were so excited. Go for medical check up but couldn’t see the baby. Doctor said that may be it is too early to see… we waited and go for checkup again at week 6 but still couldn’t see the baby.

Week 7, finally the doctor spotted the baby but too bad it was formed outside the womb. It’s an Etopic Pregnancy and immediately l was admitted to the hospital for removal operation. The ruptured tube has caused internal bleeding. 4 hours of operation, my baby and my right fallopian tube was removed. Β My heart was broken. Why me? I cried many days and nights because my little baby is gone. We prayed and decided to stay strong no matter what… I was lucky because I’m still alive. l could have died if I’m in remote places like Africa or Myanmar. Well, I’m alive!

At the same time, my grand father is having cancer. He passed away few months after that. My grand parent has been married for more than 50 years. They are the most loving couple I know.

Grandma 72nd birthday with grandpa

The day before my grandpa passed away, he celebrated my grandma’s 72nd birthday with her.

I can’t imagine the pain that my grandma has to deal with… but thank god my grandpa has accepted Christ a month before he passed away (I’m sure he is in heaven with god now) and also quit smoking (he has been smoking for more than 50 years) So, one day either me or Danny we will have to face death… both of us decided to make our backpack dream come true while we are alive.

What do you most want to do with the rest of your life? We want to travel the world, be salt and light. Salt heals, add flavour, preserve and prevent rot. Light illuminates! Life is so wonderful yeah… let’s live to the fullest!


11 responses to “What inspired us to backpack / travel?

  1. After reading about you and your husband’s decision to travel, I thought to myself how awesome it is that someone or there share the same aspirations. My wife and kids are in our mission to live that wanderlust lifestyle and go out and see the world. I am tired of living up to societies expectations. I’m excited to read more about your adventures. We are Asians as well so we know all too well what Asian elders always tell us.

    • Thank you for reading and following our blog. It is not easy at all but if we put travel as our priority, eventually we will plan and make it happened. I guess with kids is even harder but the reward is greater I guess. Spending quality time together for a week or 2, your kids will remember and appreciate it forever. May god bless you and your family.

  2. i wish you all the best and blessings on your journey together. may it be a wonderful time in your lives that you will treasure forever. I am Chinese Malaysian too and have taken the more conventional route of studying, working, buying apartment, getting married, long honeymoon, working,buying house and hopefully to have a family. I wonder at times if we would be able to just throw caution to the wind and just pack everything and go πŸ™‚ i sincerely doubt it but its good to dream. I still do daydream about travelling often though and I hope that the both of you will enjoy each new moment for those of us who can’t travel and see the world. God bless and take care and drink lots of water.

  3. I love backpacking too, it’s a wonderful way to immerse oneself into the local culture. I did the Camino Santiago last year, and it was a transformational journey for me to hike 800km across Spain. Your personal tale also brought tears to my eyes, stay strong, you have a lot of supportive people close to you. Sweet, bitter, life is a journey best experienced, right?

    • Yes that’s right! Life is full of ups and downs.. only when we go through the down part we know we are stronger than we thought. Wow hike 800km!! That’s incredible! You must be having the time of your life!

  4. I am so sorry for your loss 😦 but what a great attitude you have! you’re right, you’re alive and good for you for fulfilling your dreams. Nice to meet you and thanks for the like on my post. πŸ™‚

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